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  • Tata Sampann Toor Dal / Arhar Dal, 5 Kg

    Tata Sampann Tata Sampann Toor Dal / Arhar Dal, 5 Kg

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    Protein rich Unpolished grains A staple in the Indian diet, toor dal is used to prepare sambar, dal tadka, the Maharashtrian varan and more. Tata Sampann’s Toor Dal can be enjoyed well with rotis or rice. Toor Dal is one of India's favourite dals. Whether it is the famous North Indian Dal Tadka, Lucknow’s popular Dal Gosht, irresistible Gujarati Khichdi and even a South Indian Sambar, Toor dal is used across the country because of its aroma, taste and quick cooking.  Known to be one of the best natural sources of protein, Tata Sampann Toor Dal is unpolished, i.e. it does not undergo any artificial polishing with water, oil or leather, thereby retaining its goodness and protein content. The 5-Step Purity process ensures that Tata Sampann Toor Dal grains are uniform in appearance and clean.

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