Puneet Kaur

"Healthy Mom Healthy Family" - is the notion behind Puneet Kaur's brand, 'Its Healthy Moms'. Puneet is a Diet, Nutrition and Health Life Coach. She strongly believes that the word ‘diet’ does NOT mean starvation.

Hence, our diet must include all the nutrition required by the body along with balanced meals. She decided to transform people’s life after going through her own postpartum journey. She totally believes that one must ditch crash diets and persistently lose weight while enjoying the traditional delicacies.

She is VOCAL FOR LOCAL and preaches diet plans based on local food easily available in the market. Being a mother, Puneet is very passionate about the health and wellness of all moms. As a mother can only keep her family healthy if she is herself healthy.

She is married to a man in 'Olive Greens' and that keeps her on toes always due to frequent postings with entire baggage but, at the same time providing her with an exposure of local cuisines of various places in India.

Over the past 7 years, she has offered viable customised plans that deliver weight loss while gaining health just by making simple lifestyle changes. Yes, this includes a positive attitude and the quality of nourishment that our bodies need.