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  • Tetley Green Tea immune with added Vitamin C, Classic, 100 Tea Bags

    Tetley Tetley Green Tea immune with added Vitamin C, Classic, 100 Tea Bags

    Green tea now comes with the Immunity power of Vitamin C Rich in Anti-Oxidants: Provides 5X anti-oxidants as an apple* Goodness of Vitamin C: Contributes to immune defense by supporting various functions of immune system, each cup provides 8 mg of Vitamin C Benefits of Green Tea: Boost fat metabolism, helps to detox, good for hydration, helps feel light & active 100% plastic-free and staple-free tea bags Rejuvenating Green Tea: Classic flavour of green tea to ensure rejuvenation in every sip Try Our Range of Refreshing Variants: Tetley Lemon & Honey, Ginger, Mint & Lemon and Mango Country of Origin: India Tetley Green Tea is undoubtedly an excellent source of anti-oxidants. All the goodness now comes with immunity power of added Vitamin C with new Tetley Green Tea Immune Range. While anti-oxidants help cleanse your body from within, Vitamin C helps support your body’s immune system. This green tea with no calories provides many more benefits like boosting fat metabolism, helping to stay hydrated and helping to feel light and active. Driven by sustainability, these green tea bags are 100% plastic-free and staple-free. The classic green tea contains 100% natural flavors. # A cup of green tea contains as much as 5 times (5X) the anti-oxidants in an apple. (‘USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods’, Rel 3.3 March 2018)

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  • Combo of Tata Tea Gold 1Kg + Tata Tea Gold Saffron 250g

    Tata Tea Combo of Tata Tea Gold 1Kg + Tata Tea Gold Saffron 250g

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    Tata Tea Gold Leaf For discerning tea-drinking consumers: Enjoy the superior balance of rich taste and irresistible aroma with Tata Tea Gold Exquisite Tea Leaves: Made by blending 15% gently rolled aromatic long leaves with 85% Assam CTC tea leaves Quality Standards: Premium quality tea, selected and blended by Tata Tea experts Savour Every Moment: Perfect cup of Chai to delight you & your loved ones at any time of the day  In the place, where the valley meets the mountains, Tata Tea Gold is born. An exquisite tea that combines the rich fullness of fine valley grown teas from Assam with the irresistible aroma of specially selected long leaves from highlands. Expertly blended by the master craftsmen from Tata Tea, this marque black tea offering from Tata Tea’s portfolio has been specially crafted for discerning tea consumers. Taste so rich and aroma so irresistible that it will leave you longing for more! Tata Tea Gold Saffron LUXURY OF SAFFRON: Indulge in the luxury of the new Tata Tea Gold Saffron Tea with natural Saffron flavour RICHNESS IN EVERY CUP: The richness of Tata Tea Gold Saffron elevates your tea drinking experience REFRESHING GOODNESS EVERY DAY: The perfect balance of flavour and aroma of Tata Tea Saffron compliments your mornings in a perfect way SIGNATURE BLEND: This Tata Tea Gold is an exquisite blend of fine quality Assam tea combined with the flavour of rich and fragrant Saffron BLENDED BY EXPERTS: Blended by Tata Tea expert crafters to present their signature black tea with natural Saffron flavour STRINGENT QUALITY CHECKS: The stringent quality and taste checks offers you a high sensorial experience ALSO TRY: Tata Tea Gold Care COMMONLY SEARCHED TOPICS: tata tea gold saffron, tata tea saffron, tata tea gold, black tea, tata tea, tea powder, chai patti, tata tea gold 250 grams pack, tata gold tea With one of the world’s most luxurious flavours-Saffron, Tata Tea Gold Saffron has all the charms for an ideal break. The refined infusion of the delicate flavour of Saffron with the rich taste of fine quality Assam tea shows the expertise of our master blenders in preparing this tea. Each sip of this brew treats your taste buds with a perfect balance of flavour and aroma. All the packs of this Saffron flavour infused tea go through stringent quality and taste checks to ensure a cup of luxury. So make your tea break a lavish affair full of Saffron aroma and rich taste. Storage: Once opened, transfer the contents into an airtight container and keep the lid tightly closed after each use.

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  • Tata Tea Lal Ghoda 1.25 kg

    Tata Tea Lal Ghoda Tata Tea Lal Ghoda 1.25 kg

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  • Tata Tea Premium Tea Dust, 250gm

    Tata Tea Premium Tata Tea Premium Tea Dust, 250gm

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    TATA Tea Premium "desh ki chai" is sourced solely from India, and has been crafted to give a unique taste to the specific regions.

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