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    FLAT 10% OFF Tata Tea Gold  | 1 kg

    Tata Tea Tata Tea Gold | 1 kg

    For discerning tea Drinking consumers: Enjoy the superior balance of rich taste and irresistible aroma with Tata Tea Gold Exquisite Tea Leaves: Made by blending 15% gently rolled aromatic long leaves with 85% Assam CTC tea leaves Quality Standards: Premium quality tea, selected and blended by Tata Tea experts Savor Every Moment: Perfect cup of chai to delight you & your loved ones at any time of the day Commonly Searched Topics: tea 1 kg, tea in pantry, chai patti, masala tea, chai, tea leaves, strong tea, Tata tea, Tata tea gold, Tata tea premium, tea powder, tea, Tata tea premium 1kg pack, black tea, Darjeeling tea, chai tea Material Features: Vegetarian;Item Form: Loose Leaves;Container Type: Bag;Caffeine Content: Medium Caffeine In the place, where the valley meets the mountains, Tata Tea Gold is born. An exquisite tea that combines the rich fullness of fine valley grown teas from Assam with the irresistible aroma of specially selected long leaves from highlands. Expertly blended by the master craftsmen from Tata Tea, this marque national black tea offering from Tata Tea’s portfolio has been specially crafted for the discerning tea consumers. Taste so rich and aroma so irresistible that it will leave you longing for more!

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    FLAT 10% OFF Tata Tea Gold Darjeeling | 200g

    Tata Tea Tata Tea Gold Darjeeling | 200g

    DARJEELING TEA: Enjoy the fine experience of Darjeeling in every cup of Tata Tea Gold DISTINCT SWEET FLAVOUR: The characteristic Darjeeling sweet flavour will leave you craving for more each time AMBER COLOURED LIQUOR: The fine long tea leaves give an amber colour to the tea UNIQUE AROMA: It’s unique aroma is a sensorial delight for every true tea connoisseur FUN TEA BREAKS: Make your tea breaks interesting with a sip of your favorite tea ALSO TRY: Tata Tea Gold, Tata Tea Gold Care and Tata Tea Gold Mixture COMMONLY SEARCHED TOPICS: tata tea gold, tata tea gold darjeeling, darjeeling tea, gold darjeeling tea powder, tea powder, chai, tea leaves, tea, tata tea Experience the freshness of Darjeeling in every cup of Tata Tea Gold Darjeeling. It is a fine offering from the misty mountains of Darjeeling. It’s distinct sweet flavour, amber coloured liquor and a unique aroma is a sensorial delight for every true tea connoisseur. Handpicked from thousands of cups by our master blenders & gently packed with care, this exquisite bouquet experience will leave you longing for more! HOW TO USE: Add 1 tbsp of tea to a cup of freshly boiled water. Brew for 3-5 mins depending on the strength desired. May add honey or sugar as per taste preference. STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Once opened, transfer the contents into an airtight container and keep the lid tightly closed after each use.

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