Choosing the right salt

Contrary to popular belief, salt is an essential part of our diet and an extremely important element for our good health. Incorporating just the right amount of salt in our diet can be the key to healthy living. Excess or lower than recommended intake of salt can lead to serious health conditions. As there can be too much or too little of salt in our diet, it is necessary to pick the right kind of salt in your effort to prevent future ailments.

Here’s a look at the kind of salts and their benefits.

Tata Table Salt

Table Salt

Most commonly used salt in urban households, table salt is recommended for healthy individuals without any disorders or predisposition towards diseases such as hypertension. As it is iodine enriched, it can prevent diseases caused due to iodine deficiency such as goitre. Iodine is also important for mental development of children.

Low Sodium Salt Benefits

Low Sodium Salt

This salt is specially engineered for individuals who have been advised to reduce sodium intake in their diets due to conditions such as hypertension and obesity. Salts like Tata Salt Lite can provide 15% lower sodium than regular salt.

Iron enriched salt

Iron Enriched Salt

To address iron deficiency, an iron-enriched salt can be a great option. It combines iron and iodine, two extremely important elements for good health. This small change can be your first step towards preventing anaemia and thyroid-related conditions in your family.

Rock Salt Benefits

Rock Salt

With its distinct taste and texture, rock salt can make your food preparations special. It is sourced from the Himalayas and it is naturally rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. Traditionally used on fasting days, it is also a great addition to your everyday food.

Black Salt Benefits

Black Salt

Add extra tanginess to your food items by using black salt. Often used in ayurvedic medication, black salt is rich in healthy minerals like Iron and Potassium. It is known to help with health conditions such as indigestion and constipation.

All of these salts have a place on your shelf of spices and condiments with their multiple benefits. While a certain type of salt can help you with your current health concerns, it is necessary to understand that it may not be ideal for you long term. Always consult your doctor to ascertain the ideal salt according to your dietary and health requirements.


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