TATA Tea Quick Chai Ginger

Size: 140g
MRP: Sale price₹ 140

(Inclusive of all taxes)

(Inclusive of all taxes)


There’s tea, and then there’s chai- that fresh, ghar-waali, full-on taste you only get when tea’s been boiled! Enjoy Tata Tea Quick Chai that is made just the way you would at home- boiled with milk & sugar before converting it to powder. This instant tea mix comes in a delicious natural ginger flavour, just add hot water and have a pleasant evening!

Quick Chai Ginger has natural ginger flavour, it’s ready in a jiffy and tastes the same. Because when it comes to chai, we know you wouldn’t have it any other way! How To Make: Just cut the pack, mix in hot water and sip

  • Taste of Homemade Tea: Enjoy the delicious taste of homemade tea with Tata Tea Quick Chai
  • Pre-Boiled Tea: Chai pre-boiled with milk and sugar before being converted into powder
  • Natural Ginger Flavour: Instant tea mix in delicious ginger flavour
  • Choicest Ginger: Enjoy the flavour of ginger in your tea
  • Also Try: Quick Chai’s masala variant with the flavour of blended spices that warms your heart

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