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  • Sonnets by TATA Coffee - Yemmigoondi Estate | Dark Roast | Filter Coffee

    Sonnets by Tata Coffee Sonnets by TATA Coffee - Yemmigoondi Estate | Dark Roast | Filter Coffee

    Once said to be the home of large herds of bison, Yemmigoondi estate in Coorg has a unique topography. It is “bowl” shaped with hills on all sides. Grown in the company natural springs and nurtured by the salubrious climate of Yemmigoondi; the Sun Dried Red Honey Coffee is a unique microlot celebrating the eco-friendly practices that the Yemigoondi estate follows.Features: Fruity cup with lots of guava, jackfruit, melon and orange flavours and lining of dark chocolate with caramel.Methods of preparation: Add 2 teaspoons ( 10 gms approx. ) of coffee to the upper part of the filter, Place the plunger on top of coffee powder & pour 100 ml of hot water to the coffee, Let the coffee soak and then cover the filter for 15 mins approx., Let the concoction steep through, You can add milk and sugar as per your preference

    ₹ 530

  • Tata Tea Gold Saffron | 250g

    Tata Tea Tata Tea Gold Saffron | 250g

    LUXURY OF SAFFRON: Indulge in the luxury of the new Tata Tea Gold Saffron Tea with natural Saffron flavour RICHNESS IN EVERY CUP: The richness of Tata Tea Gold Saffron elevates your tea drinking experience REFRESHING GOODNESS EVERY DAY: The perfect balance of flavour and aroma of Tata Tea Saffron compliments your mornings in a perfect way SIGNATURE BLEND: This Tata Tea Gold is an exquisite blend of fine quality Assam tea combined with the flavour of rich and fragrant Saffron BLENDED BY EXPERTS: Blended by Tata Tea expert crafters to present their signature black tea with natural Saffron flavour STRINGENT QUALITY CHECKS: The stringent quality and taste checks offers you a high sensorial experience ALSO TRY: Tata Tea Gold Care COMMONLY SEARCHED TOPICS: tata tea gold saffron, tata tea saffron, tata tea gold, black tea, tata tea, tea powder, chai patti, tata tea gold 250 grams pack, tata gold tea With one of the world’s most luxurious flavours-Saffron, Tata Tea Gold Saffron has all the charms for an ideal break. The refined infusion of the delicate flavour of Saffron with the rich taste of fine quality Assam tea shows the expertise of our master blenders in preparing this tea. Each sip of this brew treats your taste buds with a perfect balance of flavour and aroma. All the packs of this Saffron flavour infused tea go through stringent quality and taste checks to ensure a cup of luxury. So make your tea break a lavish affair full of Saffron aroma and rich taste. Storage: Once opened, transfer the contents into an airtight container and keep the lid tightly closed after each use.

    ₹ 200

  • Sonnets by TATA Coffee - Jumboor Estate | Medium Roast | French Press Coffee

    Sonnets by Tata Coffee Sonnets by TATA Coffee - Jumboor Estate | Medium Roast | French Press Coffee

    Come spring, when the coffee cherries bloom, the view from the Jumboor Estate is breathtaking. Located in the northern highlands of Coorg, the estate planted in 1870s, is known for its Arabica coffee. Jumboor is also home to many seasonal streams. The Jumboor Giling Basah is one of the stars harvested in Jumboor this season. Features: A cup with fair body and flavours of dark chocolate, caramel, toasted nuts and hints of caramelized citrus.Methods of Prepration: Add a heaping tablespoon (7-8 grams) of coffee to the pot per 200 ml of water, Pour hot water, not boiling, into the pot, and gently stir, Carefully reinsert the plunger into the pot but stop just above the water and ground coffee mix. (do not plunge yet), Let stand and brew for 3-4 minutes or more for a stronger flavour, Press the plunger down slowly, exerting steady pressure, Your fresh brew is ready. Enjoy it hot, cold or with a dash of milk

    ₹ 530

  • Tata Tea Lal Ghoda 1.25 kg

    Tata Tea Lal Ghoda Tata Tea Lal Ghoda 1.25 kg

    ₹ 465

  • Tata Sampann Pakoda Mix, 180 g

    Tata Sampann Tata Sampann Pakoda Mix, 180 g

    Low Oil Absorption* Ready to cook in 15 minutes It contains fine quality ingredients and it is made using stringent quality specification, to provide consumer the best product quality and taste Main ingredients: Fine Besan, Rice Flour and authentic spices You can add Onion, Potatoes while making pakodas Ready to cook in 15 minutes Tata Sampann brings to you an easy to cook Pakoda Mix. Made from a composition of Besan, Rice Flour & authentic spices, this Mix is carefully created to give you the benefit of less oil absorption* with great taste & crispiness. *Based on scientific testing of Pakoda/Bhajji samples: Pakoda/Bhajjis made from Tata Sampann Pakoda Mix contained less oil compared to regularly used Pakoda/Bhajji Bonda mixes

    ₹ 70

  • FLAT 23% OFF Himalayan Elevation Kashmiri Saffron | Grade 1 Kashmiri Kesar | 1 g

    Himalayan Elevation Himalayan Elevation Kashmiri Saffron | Grade 1 Kashmiri Kesar | 1 g

    Emanating from the verdant Kashmir Valley at the heights of the Himalayas, our exquisite saffron presents a guarantee of being 100% pure.  Every pack of our distinguished Grade 1 Kashmiri Mongra/Kesar comes with a QR code, allowing you to access the certificates of 'origin, purity, and quality' unique to each pack. As you do so, you shall virtually get transported to experience the serene landscapes of Kashmir wherein you can also explore saffron recipes, learn about its benefits, and discover methods to verify saffron’s purity at home. As you uncover the captivating journey of our saffron, you will forge an emotional bond with its timeless allure, embracing the essence of a cherished tradition that has nurtured well-being for centuries. The refined texture, vibrant deep red hue, and alluring aroma of this enchanting Kashmiri Kesar permeate every aspect of your daily routine, promoting a sense of balance and overall well-being. Whether it's starting your morning yoga with a cup of saffron-infused tea, savoring meals adorned with delicate saffron threads, or unwinding with a glass of saffron-infused milk before slumber.  Embrace the enchantment of our authentic saffron and elevate your well-being to new heights by choosing this luxurious saffron for a truly transformative experience. Features 100% PURE KASHMIRI SAFFRON: Sourced directly from the heart of Kashmir; this premium kesar boasts a harmonious fusion of refined texture and rich, vibrant color PURITY, KASHMIR ORIGIN & GRADE-1 CERTIFIED: Pack comes with a QR code, providing access to the certificates that attest to the genuine Kashmiri origin, 100% purity and exceptional Grade-1 status of each pack PURE: Enjoy the pure, natural, and authentic Kashmiri Kesar, for a genuine and uncompromising saffron experience HOLISTIC WELLNESS: With this premium Kashmiri saffron; experience the holistic benefits of its exquisite flavor and aroma, elevating your lifestyle to new heights of well-being COMMONLY SEARCHED TOPICS: saffron, kesar, saffron original kashmiri, saffron original, kesar saffron original 1g, kesar original kashmiri, kesar original, kesar original kashmiri for pregnancy, kashmir saffron

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