Tata I-Shakti Soda, 100 g

Available in: 100g
MRP: Sale price₹ 15

(Inclusive of all taxes)

(Inclusive of all taxes)


  • Certified Food Grade Cooking Soda
  • Cooking Soda is generally known as Meetha Soda, Baking Soda, Khane ka Soda, and Appa Soda
  • It is widely used in baking and in dishes like dhoklas, idlis, dosas, puris and bhaturas – adding a pinch of Tata I-Shakti Cooking Soda while making the batter helps it rise to a tender, moist and fluffy texture
  • It is also used as a tenderizer and to quicken the pressure cooking process
  • Aside from cooking, it has a variety of additional household and cleaning uses

Tata I-Shakti Cooking soda is a versatile cooking-grade soda that can be used in a wide variety of dishes and even for baking

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