Putting Your Health First: A Mantra For All Women
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
18 August 2020

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Eat BreakfastWomen tend to nurture others and neglect themselves. Women play varied roles –that of a mother, daughter, wife and employee and have a multitude of responsibilities – juggling home, work and relationships. What makes it worse is that at the back of the mind, there’s always guilt if they ever fall short. This long-standing stress contributes to hypertension, infertility, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disorders.

Women always multitask! However, the one thing that they rarely do is make self-care a priority. That gets shoved to the very back of our minds. It has been statistically proven that whilst effectively managing all of the family's demands, a woman seldom dedicates attention and time to herself, more so, to her health. She turns a blind eye and tends to neglect herself. Self-care, ‘me-time’ and visits to the doctor are hardly ever a priority on the to-do list. Neglect can never be a mantra for good health.

Break the vicious cycle!

Women are often conditioned to accept as true, that they must give up every bit of their spare time for others, whether it is because of their background, culture or tradition. Women need to take a step back, unwind and figure out at where all their time is being spent.

Here's how you can take good care of yourself while striking a good balance between all your priorities. In this process, your diet is your best friend and ally! It's fairly difficult to slot in all the vital nutrients that you need into one day's worth of meals, so be prudent and eat the right foods always.

Revamp your diet with these healthy choices. Given that women already have too many decisions to make on an everyday basis, we’ve made it easy for you! Ladies, here’s your mantra for good health!

Foods for the super woman!

Radish Each food that’s in this list has awesome health-promoting benefits which are predominantly well-matched to women’s health. So, make sure that you include them into your diet.

• Load up on almonds: Almonds proffer plenty of protein, ample calcium and oodles of fiber. Additionally, it provides powerful antioxidants and one-third of the vitamin E that you require for the whole day. Badam (almonds) can significantly decrease LDL cholesterol, reduce your risk of developing diabetes and can also help thwarts weight gain because of its hunger-gratifying taste. Have a fistful of almonds as a mid-morning snack!

• Spinach: The leafy green is an incredible source of fibre, iron, folate, calcium, vitamins A and K. What makes paalak (spinach) perfect is, it is unbelievably versatile. Gorge on paneer paalak, aloo paalak, or toss in some shredded spinach into your salad, paratha or smoothie. There are ton of amazing and yummy possibilities with spinach as the main ingredient!

• Dates: Dates are brimming over with fibre and potassium. The Beta D glucan fibre helps stave of diabetes and keeps your GI tract working optimally. Potassium facilitates muscle contraction and regulates the body’s fluids. The fruit provides you with an instant burst of energy and is ideal as a pre-workout snack. Nibble on 3 dates to combat the afternoon slum. And if you have a sweet tooth, dates can satisfy your cravings.

• Black-eyed beans: Chawli (black-eyed beans) are loaded with quality protein, iron, and folate. The beans keep you feeling fuller for longer, maintain a healthy cholesterol profile and stabilize blood sugar levels. Make chawli the Gujarati way with dollops of jaggery, Punjabi way with plenty of tomatoes or give it a South Indian twist by adding loads of coconut. Try Tata Sampann Chawli as it is unpolished and does not undergo any artificial polishing with water, oil or leather.

• Apple: Healthy to the core, apples are jam packed with the choicest nutrients! Statistics show that women who ate an apple every day lived a healthier life than women who ate less than 15 apples a year. Apple help fight obesity, detoxifies your system and can help you get a flat belly. The robust antioxidants can help protect you against cardiac disorders and cancers, perk up your immune system, and control high blood sugar levels.

Remember to start your day right. Having a wholesome breakfast fuels you up and greatly improves your attention and performance as well as your stamina and patience. Load up on poha, idli, upma, sprouts or a smoothie and commence your day by putting your best foot forward! Equally important is regular exercise, good sleep and finding effective ways to de-stress. Women and health are tightly entwined; and women need to understand that when they care for themselves, they will be better equipped to care for their families. So, now’s the time to embrace better habits for a healthier and stronger you!


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