Modern Indian working woman and her lifestyle
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
18 August 2020

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Today, women from all walks of life choose to have it all — an idyllic family life, a satisfying career, rewarding relationships, quality solitude and a splendid time! However, achieving this target can be quite formidable! Working women with children know all too well the worry and anxiety between managing a busy job and being a hands-on mom! In addition to this, women have numerous arenas that take a huge toll – taking care of the family, the quality of friendships, caring for elderly parents, the way we look and, the work we do.

At times you may feel that you can’t succeed; self-doubt creeps in and your self-esteem takes a hit. Thus, it is very crucial that the right work life balance for women is achieved in order to stay on top of the game! Women’s fitness simply cannot be neglected.

A guide to maintain a work life balance for women!

Eat Breakfast Having the perfect work life balance is a far from reality for practically of us. Here's a guide on how to attain a realistic work life balance for women!

• Prioritise: To be a successful working woman, you need to outline your priorities – professional as well as the ones on the home front. Jot down, map out and prioritize your responsibilities at different levels. Figure out, where you can compromise and what is absolutely unavoidable. Have complete clarity, this can help you manage your responsibilities successfully!

• Demarcate work and home: The mantra to be able to effectively juggle your work life and personal life is to set strict boundaries, so that you can give proper attention to both the facets of your life. Don’t bring your work home. While spending time with your family, do not send out e-mails or attend to work-calls. Likewise, while at work, be utterly dedicated to your profession and don’t be preoccupied with your home. Furthermore, start saying ‘no’ to people and things that aren’t really doing you any good.

• Menu planning: Everything you put into your body can be a boon or a bane. Thus, make your diet a powerful weapon in your health-maintaining armoury! Consuming the right foods is of supreme importance. Certain foods protect you from a multitude of health concerns – they can help avert cardiac diseases, diabetes mellitus and cancer, strengthen your bones, boost the immune mechanism, protect your hair and skin and help you age gracefully. These superfoods are already sitting in your pantry! If not, make sure you add them to your shopping cart! The top 3 foods that you ought to be eating every day are – legumes, nuts and leafy greens. Legumes, beans and dals are the best source of quality proteins which are the building blocks for your body. Make sure you consume at least one bowl of pulses per day. Nuts are a powerhouse of heart-happy fats; jump-start your day with a fistful of badam, kaju or akhrot. Leafy greens are versatile and extremely healthy; they should be a part of your diet plan as well.

• You need to exercise: Women’s fitness is pivotal. Working out a minimum of thrice a week provides a whole host wonderful benefits - right from keeping you lean and fit, to perking up your metabolism, regulating your heart rate to boosting endorphin levels that keep you happy! Yoga, pilates, cardio, aerobics, swimming, cycling or jogging – take your pick!

• Manage your stress levels smartly: Radish It’s inevitable, there will be a few days in the month when your stress levels skyrocket. Choose strategies to effectively deal with stress and to prevent it from adversely afflicting your life. On days when you come home stressed out, adopt a habit where you unwind and de-stress for a few minutes by yourself. Dedicated me-time every day can be unquestionably stress-busting. Implement rituals that help you put maximum distance between you and your stress, so that you can juggle both facets of your life efficiently. Music, foot rubs, massages, drawing, meditating, gardening, home spa and reading – all are perfect de-stressors. Establish yours!

This is the do-it-all generation of women! When you embrace these guidelines, it becomes a lot easier to manage your responsibilities. Also, make it a point to focus on the positives in your life and try journaling all the things you are grateful for. Accept what can't change; go with the flow – it simplifies things. Let go of things you can't change and concentrate on those that you do have control over. Having purpose and meaning in your life is key to job satisfaction, so make sure you find time for joy and happiness!


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