Luke Coutinho’s Guide on How Middle-Aged Women Can Manage Obesity
Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho
06 March 2020

This article is authored by Luke Coutinho. Luke is a globally renowned and award winning Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the field of Integrative Medicine.

Depression, anxiety

The emergence of obesity-related risk factors is quite high with middle-aged women (among the obese). In fact, obese women are more likely to be suffering from chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. On account of being overweight, the physical activities get negligible and moreover the women seem to take back that makes their bodies more lethargic and immobile. They feel persistent pain in knees, back and other joints that sometimes make them feel low and dependent.

It’s not only the physical issues but emotional ones as well - such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem - that pop up and are associated with obesity among women. That is why, in the very beginning, we said, obesity doesn’t act alone! Emotional issues are strongly associated with obesity, high-calorie intake and sedentary lifestyles among middle-aged women especially among the obese.

Living with obesity is not an easy journey - it’s an everyday struggle with many physical and emotional turmoil. Being an obese woman and that, too, a middle-aged one, is a tough fight! There comes a point in life where she breaks down - she looks out for assistance and probably wants to reshuffle her lifestyle to come out of this dead shell of obesity which leaves her more vulnerable to health and mental issues. And here begins her journey to change - a journey to a new lifestyle. Let’s dive into the simple management lifestyle tips that can help to manage obesity.

Simple lifestyle changes: The mantra to manage obesity doesn’t lie in following any strict diet plans or rigorous exercise routines because diets don’t work, but simple lifestyle changes do! There is a need to change your relationship with your food, try to find out the exact impact the food is going to make on your body that you are consuming.

Our weight is the outcome of how we eat, sleep, move and think. Eating light, doing light exercise, keeping yourself active, staying happy, getting proper sleep, taking care of your emotional well-being are few simple things that you can adopt as simple lifestyle changes that eventually going to help you to manage obesity in the long run.

Develop self-discipline: Self-discipline is the key to achieve any goal in your life! If you are able to discipline yourself you can quite easily manage obesity and its related medical conditions. However, only a few cases of obesity are genetic and largely obesity is due to a faulty lifestyle, thus, with a little self-disciple and self-motivation, a world of change can be brought about in our lives! What self-discipline includes is a determined and a focused approach towards bringing a positive change in your lifestyle and thought process. Try to put some focused efforts in reviving your sedentary lifestyle and monotonous social life and just see the change it can bring to your whole life.

Consume Carbs wisely: Even if you are obese, never cut down on carb! Because good carbohydrates give your body the energy it needs to perform its daily tasks. Carbs provide energy to the body as they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. So, it’s actually low carbs, not no carbs! Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and even add a variety of those to your meals to break down the monotony. Begin your day with whole-grain cereals and fruits and add green leafy veggies to your lunch and dinner.

Support your Liver: Obesity most often happens to make the liver sluggish, burdened and bloated and sometimes increases the risk for chronic liver failure. The liver plays an instrumental role in breaking down the fat in the body while it also functions as a filter to clean toxins out of the blood that makes us feel energized. Thus, support your liver by maintaining a healthy weight, eating the right diet, avoiding alcohol or use it responsibly, exercising daily and by avoiding harsh medications-when you can.

Move, move, move: It’s all about keeping your body mobile and active and moreover being involved in some physical activity, any activity that you like to do. Just pick up an activity or sport or dance or anything of your choice and be regular on it. The motive is to be active and be regular on it that helps you to burn the calories you consume and also the accumulated fat.

Fix your sleep routine: A good night’s sleep will always help you to maintain a healthy weight. Middle-aged women need at least seven hours of sound sleep at night to make the body and mind fully relaxed. By fixing a time to sleep your mind and body will develop a habit of sleeping at a particular time and would wake up refreshed and active.

Nurture your emotional self

Nurture your emotional self: Living with obesity is itself a struggle and thus one has to keep a lot of calm while managing its effects and dealing with repercussions. Besides, nurturing the physical side one has to keep watering the emotional side with a lot of compassion and self-love to be able to keep moving. Meditation, self-love and indulging in activities like writing, spending time alone, listening to music helps to nurture the emotional self.

One of major lifestyle changes in India people need to make to reduce obesity is to stop having late dinner and even if they do, a gap of at least 2 hours should be maintained between dinner and bedtime. Also, dine as close to sunset as possible. Sleeping with undigested food in your stomach means creating problems for your gut that eventually makes you obese and increases many other health issues.

In a nutshell, obesity is certainly a complex medical problem for women that affects their life cycle in many ways. The physical and emotional issues it creates need to be addressed as they can be life-risking and mentally destroying. With a little self-discipline, motivation, simple lifestyle, psychological and physical changes obesity can certainly be managed!


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