Tata Sampann Recipes: Four healthy Indian breakfast dishes
Bonny Shah

Bonny Shah
12 August 2020

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and should be nutritious and help fuel the body. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, breaking the overnight fasting period. It help replenish your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness. It also provides essential nutrients required for good health. Indian cuisine has a plethora of breakfast dishes that can be cooked quickly.

Let’s take a look at four healthy Indian breakfast items from Bharatz Kitchen -

Poha is a light and fluffy snack item, originating in Maharashtra but popular all over India. It is rich in carbohydrates and iron, and the flattened rice used in it is a good source of probiotics. There are many variations of the dish, but the most common ones either use both potatoes and onions, or one of the two. Poha is made by roasting peanuts, and then adding onions and potatoes until they are golden. Then, soaked flattened rice is added to the mixture. Poha gets its bright yellow colour from turmeric, also known as haldi. To make your dish healthier, you can use Tata Sampann Haldi, which contains natural oils and has a 3% guarantee of curcumin. Do add a dash of lemon as it helps in better absorption of iron from the poha.

Masala Seviyan
Masala seviyan is a light and healthy dish that is usually consumed as a breakfast or snack item, because it gets ready almost instantly. It is prepared by cooking tomatoes and roasted seviyan together. To give it flavour, red chilli powder, hari elaichi (green cardamom), laung (clove), dalchini (cinnamon), or tej patta (curry leaves) are added. To enhance the taste of the dish and increase its nutritional value, vegetables like carrots and capsicum are added. You can also add a dose of immunity booster in the form of haldi.

Best Healthy Breakfast Options Upma is one the most popular and nutritious Indian breakfast dishes, popular in South India and Maharashtra. It is made by roasting semolina, also known as rawa, until it is aromatic. Then, Split Bengal gram or chana dal and Black Gram Lentils or urad dal are sautéed, and peanuts, chillies, and onions added or flavour. Rawa and pulses make a perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins which are essential components of good breakfast. It is usually served with coconut chutney or sambar. The peanuts add a dose of healthy fats, while the pulses in upma are rich in proteins.

Masala Dalia
Dalia is a traditional Indian dish that is nutritious, as well as delicious. It is also known as broken wheat, and is packed with the goodness of fibre and important nutrients. As Dalia is a fibre-rich whole grain, it may have a positive impact on heart health, weight loss, blood sugar control and digestive health. It is also extremely easy to make, making it a popular Indian breakfast choice. Masala Dalia is a savoury dish that is made by sautéing vegetables like tomatoes, capsicum, carrots, etc., along with Dalia. To add flavour, red chilli powder, turmeric, etc. are used. It goes through stringent sterilization processes so that its quality and freshness is maintained.

Now that you know about the health benefits of each of these dishes, do share with us which Indian breakfast dish you’re going to try out first.


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