The Spice Blend That Simply Blends In

Sambar is a perfect companion to many South Indian dishes such as idli, vada, dosa, and even plain rice. This dish, made of tamarind, vegetables and dal, is a flavourful, aromatic and irresistible addition to every plate. Sambar gets its delicious taste from sambar masala. Also known as sambar podi, this powdered spice blend contains the most essential spices in proper portions, roasted to perfection and ground to make ready-to-use fine powder. Served piping hot, sambar is delectable and comforting at the same time.

Just like most Indian spice blends, Sambar is a mixture of local spices such as coriander, chilli, turmeric, black pepper, cumin, asafetida, curry leaves, methi seeds and sugar. It also contains urad dal. These spices are carefully roasted in set portions before they are ground to make sambar masala. Each spice adds its own special flavour to make a mouthwatering sambar.

The success of any sambar is greatly dependent on the sambar masala that is used to prepare it. Other ingredients used in making this dish include toor dal, tamarind pulp, and vegetables. While the vegetables used to make sambar can vary as per preferences, other ingredients are always a constant. Sambar is a healthy concoction for every meal.

The Tata Sampann Advantage

Tata Sampann Sambar Masala is created using Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s carefully crafted recipe. Each spice is added to create a perfect balance of taste, to make authentic sambar at home. Spices used in this masala are handpicked from the best farms in the country to ensure optimal quality and consistent taste every time you make sambar.

While there are sambar masalas available in the market use spent spices to make this blend, Tata Sampann Sambar Masala uses spices that have their natural oils intact. Spent spices have had their essential oils extracted for other purposes, negatively impacting their flavour and nutritional value. Each spice used in the Tata Sampann range of spices is naturally rich as their natural oils are not extracted.

Additionally, Tata Sampann Sambar Masala is a packaged in a unique way to make sure that this natural goodness is not compromised on its way to your kitchen. Each 100g masala pack contains 5 individual packets to retain the freshness, original flavour, natural oils and all other natural properties.

Health Benefits of Sambar Masala

Sambar Masala is an essential spice blend in every Indian kitchen. Along with adding taste and aroma, sambar masala also has many health benefits.

  • Sambar Masala is a blend of spices such as curry leaves, fenugreek, and cumin, which are known to help with digestion.
  • Turmeric and curry leaves, which are an essential part of Sambar Masala, have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Fenugreek is known to work as an antibacterial agent.

Don’t choose between health and taste

Sambar masala