The Many Wonders of Cooking Soda

Also known as baking soda, bread soda or soda bicarb, cooking soda (the household name for 'sodium bicarbonate') comes in handy in the Indian kitchen, on occasions more than one. Its most famous role may be that of ‘fluffing your cakes and breads’; it creates CO2 bubbles when combined with an acid due to its alkaline nature, giving rise to almost all kinds of batters and dough, thus, working as a leavening agent. It is also used as a tenderiser and to quicken the pressure cooking process.

In addition to cooking, it also has a variety of household uses and health benefits. It helps you sanitise your vegetables and fruits; the cooking soda helps rid them of residual pesticide and other impurities when washing them in a bowlful of cooking soda-water solution. A slight cooking soda sprinkle also helps rid the rubbish bins and the kitchen sink/drains of food and waste smells. It can also be used to extend a much-needed cover of hygiene to your kitchen equipment and platform while giving a good scrub-down. Also, it is very useful for putting out small kitchen fires.

The Tata i-Shakti Advantage

Tata i-Shakti Cooking Soda is a product that offers consistency with quality; its Food Grade mark is known to leave you with an assurance of hygiene and purity, besides offering functional product benefits.


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