Red Rice Poha The healthy Fibrous Snack

Let's Go Red!

Flattened rice, commonly known as poha throughout India, is a popularly consumed food item. This easily digestible snack is also high in carbohydrates, which provides extended energy levels.

Poha is a widely consumed product in the Indian subcontinent. One of the most commonly eaten breakfast items, termed ‘batata/aloo poha’ or ‘kanda poha’, is popularly cooked all over the country, especially throughout Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Usually, white poha is used to make various dishes, but with our red rice poha the same delicacies can be concocted with the added benefit of ingesting high dietary fibre. Red rice poha can also be eaten raw by immersing in milk or water. Additionally, it can be fried with nuts and raisins or cooked with mustard seeds.

The Tata Sampann Advantage

Naturally rich in dietary fibre and iron, Tata Sampann’s Red Rice Poha is sourced from select farms in India; processed and packed with utmost care to maintain lasting freshness for up to 4 months.

Our Red Rice Poha has natural trace minerals like calcium, potassium, dietary iron, zinc, and magnesium, and contains no additional flavouring or colouring agents.

This fluffy and non-sticky thick variety of poha is available in packs of 500 gms and is a kitchen essential for every health-conscious home.

Health Benefits of Red Rice Poha

  • Red Rice Poha has a total dietary fibre of 6.5 mg in every 100 grams of product.This is nearly twice the fibre content as compared to white poha.
  • It has a carbohydrate content of 77.3 grams, thus boosting energy levels.
  • It has a high source of iron containing 3.6 mg of iron in every 100 grams.
  • It helps in regular bowel movement aiding in the removal of bodily toxins.