My Gudness Snacks A Healthy Between Meals Ritual

Snacking Can Be Fun. And Healthy!

Everybody snacks at leisure. But increasingly, snacks have become a popular source of energy and nutrients as well, with people seeking healthier alternatives. Especially in the case of active and growing children, snacks play an integral role to give them energy and keep them from getting hungry and overeating at meal time.

With the growing awareness of healthy snacking, people are switching to fruits, nuts, vegetables and other raw food items. As these are not easily accessible when on the move, people end up snacking on chips, biscuits, chocolates and other unhealthy products. These are usually high in sodium content which leads to heart and blood pressure problems..

This is where Tata Sampann My Gudness Snacks come to your rescue!

The Tata Sampann Advantage

Tata Sampann My Gudness Dal-icious Snacks are made with unpolished dals (Moong Dal, Chana Dal and Urad Dal), thus, raising the nutritional value of the product. Rich in protein (16.4%) and dietary fibre, Tata Sampann My Gudness Dal-icious Snacks are not fried during the manufacturing process, thus, making it a 0% cholesterol, 0% trans-fat product. Even the small quantity of oil used to ensure the coating of the seasoning onto the Snacks is rice bran oil which is considered to be one of the healthier options.

Health Benefits of My Gudness Snacks

  • Rich in dietary fibre which is essential for a healthy and complete diet
  • Acts as a stressbuster - guilt-free snacking since it is made of healthy ingredients and nutritious
  • All the benefits of dals in a convenient form