Colour It Red With Red Chilli Powder

Take a chill(i) pill

One’s tolerance to spice has been a measure of strength, but did you know that chillies also help build immunity. The spiciness of red chilli powder is contributed by a component known as capsaicin. This is concentrated in the seeds and ribs of red chillies. Once the chilli is ground, capsaicin gets blended completely. The heat and spice of red chilli powder enhances the flavour of unflavoured cooked rice, boiled vegetables, pulses but also brings out the umami in any other savoury food items.

The nostalgic taste of raw mango topped with chilli powder is simply iconic. The spice cuts through the strong tanginess of the raw mango thereby coming full circle in the flavour chain. The pigmentation of red chillies improves the appearance of any food item.

The Tata Sampann Advantage

Red chillies cultivated in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh are utilised for production of Tata Sampann Shahi Lal and Lal Mirch powder. The natural oils present in chillies are not extracted, so you can enjoy the full nutritional benefit of these. They go through stringent sterilization processes to maintain the quality and to keep it fresh.

Presence of carotenoids and capsaicin maintains the purity of flavour and colour in powdered form. Antioxidant properties of capsaicin provide many health advantages.

Health Benefits of Red Chilli

Red chillies are dried and ground to form chilli powder. Chilli Powder’s nutritional value is as follows

  • It increases the HDL(good cholesterol) in blood.
  • It improves cardiac functioning.
  • It improves the absorption of iron and enhances immunity.
  • The potassium helps in maintaining blood pressure levels.
  • Acts against arthritis, neuronal damage, post-operative reactions, etc.