Adding Zest With Jeera Powder

Jeera – The seeds of taste

An essential element in most tadkas is jeera (cumin seeds). These flavourful seeds are used in cuisines all across India and world. Beyond the seeds, jeera powder is also used in countless recipes to add cumin’s distinctive taste to the dish. It is also sprinkled as a garnish on many street food items.

Cumin is a flowering plant, native to southwestern Asia and Middle East. The fruit of this plant contains the seeds, which is dried and used in whole and ground form.

Jeera powder is made from the seeds after they are roasted to perfection. This ground spice adds an earthy, spicy, and warm taste to each dish. Along with taste, jeera powder also adds health benefits to each dish.

The Tata Sampann Advantage

Tata Sampann Jeera Powder (Cumin) is sourced from Nagaur region of Rajasthan, which is famous for jeera! Jeera has naturally occurring volatile oils that give aroma and colour to the spice and are also responsible for all the health benefits associated with Jeera.

Health benefits of Jeera Powder

Ground jeera can help in tackling many minor health ailments:

  • Cumin helps speed up the digestive process.
  • It aids in digesting fats.
  • Cumin is a source of iron.
  • It can help tackle digestive issues such as constipation and flatulence.

Don’t choose between health and taste