Yummy healthy egg dishes, the Indian way

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The benefits of integrating eggs into your everyday diet are tremendous! For starters, the egg is a powerful hunger-killer. It quells hunger pangs in the healthy way and keeps you satiated for longer intervals of time. Filled with quality protein and heart friendly fats, research and studies show that those who eat eggs for breakfast tend to consume lesser food through the day. Eggs boast of a fantastic amino acid profile which promises to enhance building as well as preserving of muscle mass. Brimming over with vitamin B complex and choline, eggs play a pivotal role in normal brain development and sustaining good energy levels.

5 egg dishes you can’t say no to!

Bored of the plain old boiled egg and egg scramble? Well, cook up a storm with these finger-licking good recipes!

• Egg biryani: Characteristically, any biryani might be a rather difficult to dish to make. But all biryani recipes are not the same, here is an easy biryani recipe that anyone can make at home. This recipe uses simple ingredients such as onions and tomatoes along with spices that are easily available in our kitchen. It is a quick to make, filling dish that will leave you wanting more. Take a look at the recipe here from Bharatz Kitchen -

• Egg fried rice: Is there anything more rewarding than a well-made egg fried rice? Crispy carrots, green French beans, fresh sautéed bell peppers, and a nice fried egg, you just cannot go wrong with this one! Take things to the next level, with the zingy, zesty spices; and the gorgeous fried egg on top really makes the dish sing.

• Egg curry: Curry powder, garam masala and jeera powder, along with a bite from the red chili and pepper, give this dish a jumbo dose of flavor! Lycopene-rich tomatoes, heart-healthy cashews, with onions and peas, provide oodles of taste and wholesomeness. With about 18 grams of protein, this fabulous egg curry recipe is an excellent option when you're looking for a satisfying, healthy meal idea. Use Tata Sampann Garam Masala which is crafted by Sanjeev Kapoor. It is made from carefully picked spices that contain natural oils. The spices are sourced from the best farms and the blend of the spices is absolutely on point!

Don’t choose between health and taste

• Omelette or the fancy frittata! The egg is a nutrient powerhouse, period! But it sure can get monotonous to make the same old recipe time and again. This recipe will help you jazz up the boring old omelet! The frittata is chockfull of tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, a little bit cheese, and pepper for bags of flavour. You can also add diced mushrooms to take this recipe to a whole new level! A delightful combination of protein and vegetables, you must experiment with this recipe. When you want a nutritious meal but don't want to grapple with a tedious clean-up afterwards, this recipe is just for you.

• Egg bhurji: Healthy RecipesScrambled eggs never tasted better. Irresistibly yummy; but also a super wholesome start to your day. This egg bhurji is a great meal - so healthy and so gratifying. It has a multitude of flavorful ingredients that insert gusto to your dish. Pay close attention to the mix of spices –they are the potent game changers and make the egg bhurji taste more than just your run-of-the-mill scrambled eggs. Chef’s tip - for soft, velvety egg bhurji, make sure you turn the heat down and keep stirring the eggs continuously. Toss in the vegetables and spices and what emerges 10 minutes later are perfectly scrambled eggs – a breakfast classic. Garnish with fresh dhania and voila! You’re done!

Advantageously adding your diet with protein-loaded eggs can help you immensely. The egg is a nutrient-packed powerhouse, which proffers you a whole lot of health benefits and incidentally, can also help you knock off undesirable weight.


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