What Is Kasuri Methi?

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

Methi has always been prized as an herb and has been used since a long, long time - it has held a sacred place in alternative medicine since times immemorial. A fairly common ingredient in our cuisine, it adds oodles of flavor to gravies, curries, dals, parathas and pulaos. You are bound to love the taste and aroma it lends to your dishes, making them super interesting, a wee bit different and unimaginably flavorful. Fenugreek has a very earthy, grassy and rather bitter taste; however, the leaves are decidedly nutritious. Also, after it has been cooked well, the bitterness reduces to some extent and the methi blends flawlessly with the other ingredients, giving a very distinct savor to the dish. Dried methi leaves are known as kasuri methi. These are often used to add flavor to curries and parathas amongst other dishes.

5 super benefits of kasuri methi!

Full of nutrition, kasuri methi proffers these outstanding health benefits:

  1. Fights free radicals: Fenugreek has generous amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A – these boost the working of the immune system and battle the harsh effects of free radicals. The powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients thwart the ravages of aging and keep chronic illnesses at bay.
  2. A powerful detox agent: Methi leaves are very potent detox foods. They help slice out toxins and noxious wastes and stave off free radical damage. Consequently, fenugreek can helps shed all that unwanted and undesirable weight as well.
  3. Stabilizes blood sugar: Methi leaves are packed with loads of fibre, this helps steady blood sugar levels successfully. Methi increases your body’s tolerance of carbs and enhances insulin function. Thus, kasuri methi ought to be a part of every diabetic’s menu.
  4. Improved cholesterol profile: Fenugreek is heart-friendly; it can help bring down cholesterol levels substantially and keeps the blood pressure level stable.
  5. Improves skin texture: Kasuri methi can help get rid of pesky pimples and blemishes and brightens the skin. It makes the skin softer and lends it a beautiful radiance too. A paste of kasuri methi leaves left on to your skin for 10 minutes daily proffers remarkable cosmetic benefits. Your skin will show appreciable improvement with every application! 

5 kasuri methi recipes!

Full of good-for-you methi, these recipes are fun and creative! Jazz up your meals with these recipes that are wholesome and delectable.

  1. Methi paratha: Made with just 3 wholesome ingredients – whole wheat atta, kasuri methi and yogurt, this flatbread is a rock-star! It promises to add to your nutrition levels. What’s more, these parathas are super easy to make; pair them with dal and subzi.
  2. Methi malai matar: It's sweet, salty, bitter, and comforting – an all in one anti-oxidant-loaded recipe! Redolent of ginger, kasuri methi and cream, this dish brings together wonderful flavors. Methi malai matar is very subtly spiced, highly fragrant, and silky smooth! It pairs well with parathas.
  3. Methi thepla: You have to love this masterpiece! This Gujarati staple is super yummy, belly-whittling, and satiating. Grab your theplas and team them with choonda! Combined with subzi, kadhi and pickle it makes for a complete meal! The thepla is laden with gut-friendly fibre, which decelerates digestion, keeps you fuller for longer and won’t have you reaching out for junk food!


  1. Methi muthia: When it comes to eating right, the only thing that pushes us completely off-track is our craving for salty snacks! Also, it can get quite overwhelming in-between meals. So, opting for a healthy snack is very, very important. Methi muthia is a wonderful mid-afternoon snack; it is yummy enough and wholesome enough to be had for your main course as well. Fresh fenugreek leaves and kasuri methi are the real stars of the recipe! Whole wheat, besan and rava along with the greens and aromats come together seamlessly in to these gorgeous steamed dumplings!
  2. Methi aloo: This recipe shows that you can eat a nutritious dish without having to skip on any of your favorite foods! Methi aloo is low in calories and does not compromise on flavor. The brilliant combination of flavors will have you swooning! The creamy curry is brimming over with methi and aloo, warming ginger and chili, and yogurt. Garnish of kasuri methi gives the recipe a ton of distinction!

Having a packet of Kasuri Methis in your kitchen ensures that you can get the benefits of this leafy vegetable at any time. Try Tata Sampann Kasuri Methi as it is the highest quality Kasuri Methi, sourced from Nagaur in Rajasthan. It has the correct amount of moisture, no twigs and is greener than other variants. Try these recipes to incorporate methi in your diet and leave us your feedback below!


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