Understanding hydration
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
29 April 2020

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Summer brings in its wake sweltering heat and a grim reminder of the significance of staying well hydrated. The key to staying safe in summer is to stay hydrated.

Water – An essential nutrient

Water is a very vital, but often overlooked nutrient. Here’s a list of the crucial role that water plays:

1. Water is very important for the body’s various biochemical processes, transporting nutrients to the tissues and eliminating noxious wastes.

2. It helps maintain normal blood circulation throughout the body.

3. It helps sustain normal body temperature. Water carries heat away from the internal organs before serious damage occurs. The heat travels to the skin, triggering perspiration. When the sweat evaporates, you cool off and this helps maintain a normal body temperature.

Adequate intake of water every single day is very essential; and it should compensate the water loss in order to maintain the total body water. Losing water from the body and not rehydrating can harmfully affect the body, causing fatigue, exhaustion, cardiovascular malfunctioning, disorientation and even death.

5 tips to keeping yourself hydrated this summer

• Drink lots of water: Drinking sufficient amounts of water is the primary way to staying well hydrated. During the summer, ensure that you drink more water than you normally do and schedule frequent ‘water breaks’ in to your routine

• Be aware of how much you sweat: Be_awareSweating is the body’s mechanism to cool off. The more you perspire, the more water you need to stock up on. Also, take cool showers to cool off faster. It won’t hydrate you, but it prevents you from perspiring too much, and thereby keeps you from losing fluids.

• Check your urine: The color of your urine indicates how much water your body requires. Urine should be clear or pale yellow. If it’s dark yellow, it means you are dehydrated.

• Steer clear of caffeine, soda and alcohol: While these can be tempting on a hot, summer day, they actually dehydrate you. They are diuretics, i.e. they leech water away from the body. Thus, always consume them in moderation, and ensure that you drink extra water to recompense.

• Consume foods that are packed with water: Certain foods are perfect for the summer – cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon, coconut, litchi, oranges and grapes. Consume season summer foods as they contain high amount of water.

3 clever ways to hydrate yourself

Here are creative hacks to hydrate yourself and keep it tasty, exciting and innovative!

1. Ginger lemonade: A very distinctive and truly refreshing drink! Homemade lemonade, some fresh ginger, perfectly sweetened with stevia, and just a dash of salt, poured over ice cubes! Tata Rock Salt is the perfect blend of appetizing taste and good health! Want to add a twist? Stir in 50 ml of peach juice; it will add a whole lot of jazz to the beverage!

2. Iced chocolate: Absolutely decadent and perfect for the hot days! It's a super fun and creative take on chocolate. Blend together chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, stevia, chilled milk and serve over ice cubes. The merest hint of club soda takes this drink to a whole new level! Add a sprig of mint for a hint of freshness.

3. Watermelon slush: Watermelons The ultimate summer drink! Gorgeous-looking, chilled and chockfull of all the right nutrients; it just can’t get better! Watermelon has very high water content; it’s naturally sweet and has the right texture for slush!

So, quench your thirst with these super revitalizing summer drinks, juice blends and cooling slushes!



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