Traditional Indian Thali: A Wholesome Option

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The Indian Thali is a carefully-fashioned food experience that focuses on - the 5 senses, your GI tract, the chef’s gastronomic skill, unique recipes and exceptional company! In a single meal, you will enjoy a wide selection of distinctive and delectable dishes. The thali promises to be more than just a cultural journey - it guarantees you a complete wholesome meal.

A whole lot of thought and preparation goes in to bringing together a 5 to 7 course meal. A thali chiefly comprises of an appetiser, main course, snacks, sides and dessert. Each course proffers you two or more options.

The gorgeous thali is a degustation menu!

Degustation is a terminology which describes sampling of an assortment of dishes. A 4 to 5 course menu assures you of a well-balanced, nutritious meal, given that it comprises of substantial portions of proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. When you eat in courses, it provides you with an opportunity to eat a multitude of foods and try out a host of delightful recipes and flavours, and have a wonderful culinary experience. Interestingly, the thali not only gratifies the palate, it also has the potential to pep up your health!

A One-of-its-kind Traditional Indian Meal!

1. Mango pickle: The Indian thali is nothing short of a magnificent feast! It is an exploration of the traditional Indian food culture and commemorates the cuisine of each state, showcases regional delicacies and honors the local staples. The thali invites you to discover all the flavours, textures and aromas of the various dishes and guarantees a well-balanced meal. Prepping for a 4 to 6 course meal is elaborate and easier said than done; however, with careful planning and loads of practice it is absolutely possible!

As you traverse from region to region, through the length and breadth of the country you will be presented with a novel thali with unique traditional Indian food items on it. What makes every cuisine so distinctive, are the staples, spices, herbs, and condiments that are used. Each region boasts of different spices, masalas and spice blends, which make their recipes stand out. You are also guaranteed that the thali will offer you what’s in season, what’s exceptionally characteristic to the cuisine and what is fresh, making use of local, seasonal produce.

• The appetizers in the thali are scrumptious! You are promised of an amazing spread based on the kind of thali you are eating. Gorge on – dhokla, kachori, samosa, chakli, luchi, khandvi, handvo, and so many more yummy bites!

• The main course is packed with an explosion of flavours and varied wholesomeness. Every region in India has its own main course; take your pick from – Punjabi - Chhole, Paneer Tikka, Rajma Chaawal, Dal Makhani, Sarso da Saag; Gujarati - Undhiyo, Ringana nu Shaak, Bhaakri, Thepla, Dal Dhokli; Rajasthani - Dal Baati Churma, Gatte Ki Sabzi; Marathi - Usal, Bharit Vangi, Aamti; Bengali - Aloo Bhaja, Bengun Bhaja, Torkari; Goan - Vegetable Vindaloo, Rice Bhakri, Kokum Curry; Tamil Nadu and Kerala - Idli, Sambar, Kootu, Kosumri, Pappadum – quite a gastronomic adventure!

• The last segment of a thali is the dessert; you can enjoy the sweetness of - Rasgulla, Rabri, Mishti Doi, Kalo Jaam, Gujias, Jolbhora Shondesh, Lassi, Payasam, Sheera, Puran Poli, Aamras, Halwa, the list goes on.

The gift of eating a thali enhances our health, helps incorporate a host of ingredients, and helps us experiment with spices and ingredients which heighten our experiences! This is why chefs, culinary people as well as foodies are so obsessed with the thali! Next time you travel, jump into this gastronomical adventure that is the thali of that region. It promises to surprise you with distinct flavours, authentic traditional Indian food and nutritional wholesomeness!

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