The Varied Advantages of Common Home Remedies

This article is authored by Luke Coutinho. Luke is a globally renowned and award winning Holistic Lifestyle Coach in the field of Integrative Medicine.

Human beings are hardwired for comfort and we don’t like the idea of going through discomfort. Even if it’s short-lived – like the discomfort of a fever, common cold, loose motions, etc. – we actively try to resolve these issues as soon as possible. This is possibly why we resort to medicines as quick fixes.

While medicines are important in the case of a high fever or persistent loose motions - it’s actually our body that is taking the right action at the right time. The wide availability of these medicines along with how comfortable we are with popping them, has made us forget how our grandparents used to overcome basic health problem with natural remedies.

Most of us have, in fact, used one or the other natural or home remedy at some point in our lives. Whether that’s trying essential oils for a headache, herbal teas & chicken soup for a common cold, or a natural supplement for a better sleep habit – most of us have been there.

In this article, we are adding a few more remedies that you can include in your day-to-day lives using simple spices that are readily available at home.

1. Make use of tulsi kadha to treat cold, cough, fever, or chest congestions

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One of the most effective home remedies to treat common cold, fever, chest congestions, etc., is to incorporate the usage of this inexpensive leaf that is very easily found in every household – tulsi (holy basil). To make a kadha, you will need to boil these leaves with drinking water. You can also add a couple of other easily available spices like elaichi (cardamom), lemongrass, ginger (adrak), and jaggery (gur) to make it more effective. You can store and drink this kadha multiple times a day; just make sure that you heat it before consuming it.

2. Gargling with salt water solution for a sore throat

The best quality of salt is its healing capacity. A saltwater rinse for your mouth can help take care of a bunch of issues, like gingivitis, bad breath and even heal a sore throat. Salt has the properties of a disinfectant and helps fight off bacteria. If you have a sore throat, then gargling with warm saltwater will help soothe, clean, and detox your throat. Just add a pinch of table salt to warm water and use this solution to gargle 3-4 times a day for best results.

3. Using turmeric (haldi) for better immunity, sleeping patterns and calmness

Turmeric, also widely known as haldi, has superior anti-inflammatory properties that help boost the overall immunity of your body. Warm milk with turmeric added to it is the perfect combination for this trick since turmeric is best absorbed in the presence of fat (in this case, the fat in milk is able to sufficiently absorb the turmeric). This combination of milk with honey & turmeric is often given right before bedtime so as to also facilitate a better sleeping habit due to the presence of amino acid tryptophan in it. However, you should be careful while consuming this if you have lactose intolerance and/or find it difficult to digest milk.

4. Taking steam with eucalyptus leaves/oil for chest congestions

If you’re experiencing a chest congestion, then inhaling steam with either eucalyptus leaves or oil can be great idea. Eucalyptus leaves have been known to have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties making it a great inhalant for chest congestion, respiratory ailments, etc. It helps loosen up the grip of mucus while decongesting your chest. In order to make a eucalyptus inhalant, all you have to do is add a few drops of the eucalyptus oil or a handful of eucalyptus leaves to a small tub of hot water or a vaporizer. Deeply inhale the steam produced by this inhalant for five to ten minutes.

5. Asafoetida or heeng paste for stomach or colic pain

Heeng, or asafoetida, has numerous carminative properties and helps with bloating, gas problems, stomach aches, and flatulence, among other ailments. It’s popularly used for treating colic pain in kids and infants as well. When added to the water in which one soaks lentils, it also helps increase the digestive properties of dals. To make a heeng paste for stomach ailments found in babies, all you have to do is bring some tap water to a boil in a pan and add a pinch of heeng to it. Once the solution has sufficiently cooled down and is ready to be applied to your baby’s stomach, take a little bit of the solution in your hand and apply it directly on the baby’s stomach region. Make sure that you’re not letting any of this solution touch the baby’s navel. You can use a cotton ball to avoid applying this solution to the naval. Once the solution is absorbed by the skin, you can wipe the tummy with a wet, clean cloth or a wet wipe.

Choose the right gram for your dishes and make the most of the health benefits this pulse has to offer. Try Tata Sampann Kabuli Chana, it is unpolished to offer you the maximum nutritional value. Happy cooking!

6. Drinking jeera infused water post meals


Jeera, or cumin, is a powerful medicine that’s a gift to us from Mother Nature. Owing to its multiple qualities as an immunity booster, digestive, metabolism booster, and a rich source of iron, jeera-infused water is quite commonly offered in many Kerala households and restaurants by default. Cumin contains an ingredient called thymol, which is highly antibiotic and antimicrobial in nature, and helps fight off bacteria, viruses, fungi in the body. You can drink this solution 2-3 times a day or after every meal.

7. Chewing fennel seeds or saunf after meals

You’d have noticed that how saunf (fennel seeds) is traditionally used and offered as a mouth freshener after meals in so many households and restaurants in our country. Fennel seeds promote good digestion while also helping in reducing acidity. Routinely chewing saunf after meals also keeps your mood fresh and digestion in place.

Home remedies are charming in many ways. Finding the ingredients for these remedies in your own kitchen is quite simple and rather inexpensive; and like we have shown in this article, these remedies cover a whole of range of illnesses and health issues. By inculcating these very basic habits in our routine lives, we can all lead long, happy and healthy lives.


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