The One Pot Meals of India: The Nutritive Side
Bonny Shah

Bonny Shah
25 July 2020

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Eat Breakfast

Quite often, we tend to appreciate food as art, but aren’t quite the artistes ourselves. As long as there’s a fair bit of taste, the essential nutrients and the presence of that aroma arising out of delicious preparations, some of us are okay with getting food cooked in the bare minimum fashion. Thus, the concept of ‘one pot meals’ is heaven-sent for the kind. Hassle-free, familiar and easy to cook, one pot meals are a good way to get your skills sharpened when it comes to basic homemade cooking. Moreover, with ‘one pot’, you could steer clear of the messy dishes and the perennial cleaning up chores.

Eating home-cooked meals enables you to ensure that your meals are healthy and made with quality ingredients. It gives you an opportunity to use the right kind of oil and salt, fresh produce - such as pulses, vegetables, food grains, nuts and seeds – as well as authentic spices.

As you begin your adventures in the kitchen, add exciting flavours to your dishes by using Tata Sampann spices. This range of spices contains natural oils. These natural oils give the spices exceptional taste and health benefits.

The One Pot Meal Culture in India

Food should be good to taste as well as emanates a fine aroma – these have been the primary influences for food preferences for us. These preferences have also been determined by a variety of factors such as culture, climate geography and genetics that have finally led to the rise of regional cuisines. The idea of food pairing - that ingredients with similar flavour constitution may bring out the taste in a recipe – emerged from here.

While on the international front, simple pasta dishes, casseroles, chicken stroganoff are what have held fort, let us take a look at how India’s different corners have performed on the One Pot Meal front:

#1. TehriEat Breakfast
Often confused with vegetarian pulao, ‘tehri’ is a dish that brings warm memories to the minds and taste buds of the residents of Uttar Pradesh and other parts of northern India. A ‘one pot meal’ at heart, it is a rice-based dish, cooked with fresh vegetables and spices such as turmeric powder, chilli powder, cinnamon, etc. This not only helps you improve your digestive system, but also helps manage lifestyle diseases such as obesity and hypertension.

#2. Sanpiau
All the way from Mizoram, this porridge dish includes meat, onions, spices and rice, all cooked in a single pot, to release some nutritious deliciousness. You could substitute the meat with a veggie alternative, like soy chunks or mushroom.

#3. Bajra Upma
Upma is Maharashtrian-style breakfast dish, also known as uppittu in the southern parts of India. You could add a little twist to one pot breakfast meal option with using bajra (black millet) as the key component here, along with urad dal and chana dal in the tadka. This is a good high-fibre, high-protein vegan breakfast option. Add vegetables like peas, tomatoes, onion and capsicum to increase the fibre content of the dish. The protein in the dals, carbohydrates in bajra and fibre in the vegetables make it a nutritious meal.

#4. Bisi Bele Bhaat
A dish that is very dear to Kannadigas, the bisi bele bhaat is a prime example of taste + nutrition. This one pot behemoth has room for varied sources of nutrition – rice, a host of vegetables (brinjals, peas, carrots, and potatoes), a host of masalas (jeera, chillies, turmeric, and cardamom), and salt and tamarind water. And toor dal, a protein- and fibre-packed lentil you could always rely on for buffing up the nutritive value of your dish. Combination of toor dal and rice makes it a complete protein source. Vegetables add to the fibre content of this dish.

Be sure to try out these dishes at home, or else you could give these  expert-approved recipes  a try as well! Give it your spin with choicest of spices, and don’t forget to #SpiceUpYourHealth.

Have a happy One Pot Meal time!



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