The Multiple Health Benefits of Black Salt

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Black Salt or Kala Namak is a big part of India cooking. It is the perfect condiment that elevates your chaats, raitas, chutneys, appetisers, snacks and even mains to a whole new level! In fact, black salt is the chief component of chaat masala and plays a pivotal role in this fabulous spice blend! What’s more, the black salt health benefits are undoubtedly incredible and it’s definitely a good idea to include it in to your recipes! Black salt adds a zingy, eggy aroma and flavour to the dish giving it a strong umami taste.

Everything you need to know about kala namak!

Kala namak is made from halite that’s found in the mines located in the Himalayan region or from salt that’s been collected from the North Indian salt lakes. The salt is transformed from its raw natural form into the black-tinted kala namak via a process which converts the sodium sulphate of the raw salt into sodium sulphide and hydrogen sulphide.

The salt is amalgamated with amla, bahera, harad seeds and babul bark, sealed in a jar and fired up in a furnace for one whole day. The fired salt melts; then it is cooled, stored, and aged - and that’s the Black Salt! The spices and herbs give the salt its individualistic flavor. The salt also contains trace quantities of sulfides, sulphates, potassium, iron and magnesium - and all of these give kala namak its colour, flavour and taste. Tata Black Salt is hygienically packaged, adheres to stringent regulations, and retains all its natural goodness. The salt comes in refillable crusher and is perfect to use in your dishes. Always opt for salt that is ground as fine as possible; powdered kala namak looks purple-pink, while the rock form is blackish.

Why black salt ought to be a part of your pantry!

Health Benefit of Black Salt

Ayurveda states that the Black Salt is extraordinarily therapeutic and offers fantastic healing advantages. Let’s understand the wonderful health benefits of black salt:

• Kala Namak is a cooling condiment that helps bring down the body heat. Therefore, it is always included in to most of our summer recipes; since it helps you cool off quickly.

• The salt is a powerful laxative and helps those who are grappling with obstinate cases of constipation and flatulence. It is also known to deal with acid reflux and heartburn effectively. What’s more the salt is a good digestive aid as well and helps ginger up the working of your GI tract and keeps GI-related ailments at bay.

• Another one of health benefits of black salt is that it promises to keep muscular cramps at bay, especially during the hot summer months, and after a hectic workout. Kala namak has potassium which plays a role in normal muscle functioning and can effectively reduce muscle cramps.

• Black salt is an incredible detoxing agent. Studies show that consuming a pinch of black salt in the morning can successfully detoxify your body and sluice out wastes – yet another health benefit of black salt. So, go ahead, add a pinch of black salt to your morning smoothie or juice!

• A non-culinary health benefit of black salt is its use in the making of toothpaste, by blending it with other plant-based substances and minerals.

• Kala namak has slightly less sodium compared to regular table salt - and as a result, it is considered a healthier option for hypertensive people. Nevertheless, as is with any salt, restraint is always the key, especially those who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Furthermore, do discuss with your health care provider.

5 dishes that taste fabulous with a mere pinch of black salt!

If you’re looking to make some luscious sweet treats, these five boast of being delightful, calorie-controlled, and are brimming over with nourishment!

1. Cucumber raita

2. Besan and tomato omelette

3. Tofu scramble

4. Corn chilli chaat

5. Watermelon slushy

Kala namak is pretty much a secret ingredient in a lot of our recipes and can put a fun twist on most of our dishes. You’ll most definitely love its addition to your recipes and you’ll wonder why you’ve never had the black salt sitting in your pantry!


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