Staying Healthy During Party Season

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

A huge part of the holiday season is about getting together with family and friends and enjoying scrumptious, delicious and sugar-heavy food! The party season is jam-packed with hearty, fried, baked, decadent, and sinful eats. After about a fortnight of ladling large portions of lip-smacking goodies on to the plate, many of us start to look for quick-fix weight loss programs to reduce cholesterol levels and trim waistlines.

Eat smart this festive season!


Eating healthy during the party season is a challenge. There are numerous parties, all serving loads of yummy food. It is no surprise that some of us put on a lot of weight this time of year.

Here’s how you can eat prudently this party season:


• The principal thing for you to follow is - never arrive hungry at a party. When you’re hungry, you tend to overindulge. Make sure that you’ve had a good breakfast, a nutritious lunch as well as wholesome snacks throughout the day to avoid bingeing at the party.

• Clinical trials show that to avoid overeating effectively, you need to focus on savouring each morsel of food. Be aware of the taste, texture, appearance and smell of the food.

• When you are the party planner, you can keep taste buds as well as bellies happy by substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthier options. Use whole wheat instead of white flour and honey, jaggery and dry fruits in place of sugar.

• Make sure you consume a lot of protein —eggs, cottage cheese, beans, lean meat or yogurt—to satisfy your appetite.

• Do not skip on your exercise regimen. Exercise burns calories as well as influences your perspective positively, helping you stick to a wholesome diet plan.

• During the party season, consume a lot of vegetables – they are appetite suppressants, packed with fibre, and low in calories.

• A very crucial aspect of maintaining a good diet plan during the holiday season is staying well-hydrated. Have 3 litres of water daily – water helps drain out all toxins, fights bloating and makes sure that you don’t experience false hunger pangs.

• If you are hosting a party or cooking some goodies for you friends, go for TATA Nx Zero Sugar which is manufactured from stevia herb extract. It has a low Glycaemic Index compared to regular sugar. If you are making something savoury, opt for Tata Salt Lite, which is a low-sodium salt, perfect for those who are trying to get their hypertension under control.

Remember, holidays are a time when you meet your family and friends, and bond over good conversation and over great food as well as great company. do not rob yourself of this fun. All you need to do is practice moderation and make smarter choices. Maintaining healthy eating habits and exercising diligently between holiday parties will help you stay lean this season. Adopting these recommendations will help you make your holiday healthy and guilt free.


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