Sprouts And Health Benefits – Which Beans And Dals Can You Sprout?

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A seed contains all the vital nutrients that a growing plant needs to thrive. Sprouting harnesses all the benefits of germination. When soaked, the seeds such as moong germinate and the embryo sprouts. These sprouts proffer a ton of health benefits and you must consider integrating sprouts into your diet.

The outstanding health benefits of sprouts.

Discover the bean sprouts that have loads of protein, potent antioxidants and vitamins.

  1. Sprouting boosts the nutritive value of the legume: Sprouting significantly enhances the synthesis of vitamins, in comparison with non-sprouted seeds. Specifically, sprouting helps boost the amounts of vitamins B2, B5, B6, and C. The process also releases the antioxidants that are stored in the cell walls, increases the bio-availability of - calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium and raises the number of amino acids by a whopping 50 %, whilst bringing down the proportion of carbs and fats by 25 %.
  2. Sprouting gets rid of the anti-nutrients: Seeds have large amounts of phytic acid in them. Phytic acid combines with - iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, and diminishes their bio-availability. Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient which prevents the absorption of essential nutrients. When you sprout a seed, the phytase enzyme gets activated, and this enzyme breaks down phytic acid and consequently makes the vital nutrients available for absorption. 
  3. Sprouting counteracts the enzyme inhibitors: The nutrient stores of the seed are protected by enzyme inhibitors. These enzyme inhibitors unite with enzymes to prevent a break-down of the nutrient stores until the seed finds a favourable environment to germinate. When you sprout the seeds, the enzyme inhibitors get inactivated, allowing the enzymes to break down the starches.
  4. Sprouting perks up digestion: Sprouting inactivates the enzyme inhibitors; thus, the enzymes break down starch easily. The enzymes pre-digest the starch into simple sugar, and this enhances the food's digestibility. As a result, digestion gets pepped up and GI health is boosted.
  5. Sprouting works wonders for diabetics: Sprouts promise to regulate your blood sugar. An enzyme that gets activated during sprouting works in conjunction with insulin to monitor and govern the glucose uptake. Sprouts also contain large quantities of phenolic and flavonoid compounds. High levels of sugar in the blood create oxidative stress, which triggers inflammation. These powerful antioxidants - phenolic and flavonoid compounds annihilate the free radicals, reduce inflammation and benefit diabetics in a big way.

Sprouts deserve an important place in your diet!

These pulses are fantastic for sprouting. They proffer a host of health benefits and can be a part of scores of recipes. Tata Sampann unpolished pulses are not subjected to oil, water or leather-polishing procedures; thus, their nutritive value is preserved and they also contain lesser moisture. The beans are hygienically processed and packaged and you receive the very best throughout the year.

  1. Moong: These tiny green powerhouses are laden with protein and vital phytonutrients. They are crammed with amino acids, powerful flavonoids, vitamin B complex and fibre. Kick-start your day with a bowl of moong sprout salad!
  2. Urad dal: Get a lot more nutrients out of your dosas, utappas and idlis by integrating sprouted urad dal into the batter. Bonus – include sprouted fenugreek to the batter too! It does wonders to your health quotient as well as the taste factor!
  3. Alfalfa: Alfalfa sprouts are perfect for salads, stir-fries and sandwiches! Alfalfa is incredible for weight watchers and helps keep cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels in check.
  4. Chickpeas: You can reap potent fat-burning benefits by eating chickpeas that have been sprouted. In addition to providing loads of fibre and protein, sprouted chickpeas help augment the bioavailability of - iron and magnesium. When blended with energy-boosting salad, this snack helps you sail through the day!
  5. Kala chana: Sprouting chana reduces the phytic acid considerably. The antioxidant activity of the beans increases with sprouting too. This chana promises to deal with inflammatory oxidative stress, battle chronic diseases, and manage weight gain. Kala chana chaat is the easiest and yummiest way of integrating the bean into your menu!

Add sprouts to your diet to help with weight loss, better immunity and good health overall.


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