Snacking healthy with South Indian treats
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
21 June 2021

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.


It’s one thing to eat healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but what about everything you snack on in between? Having wholesome snacks on hand when hunger attacks is very critical! Even though you have the option of scores of store-bought snacks, absolutely nothing can beat a fresh snack that’s been made in your own kitchen. However, given that, most of us do not have the time to hassle over what snack is nutritious and tend to reach out for some nibble as quickly as possible, having a few go-to snack recipes can make life so much easier. South Indian cuisine is very varied and you will find exquisite dishes from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana. With these fabulous recipes, you are only a few minutes away from a hunger-quelling, appetizing, healthy bite!

5 finger-licking good South Indian snacks

When you are super hungry and are craving for some delicious healthy snack ideas, here are 5 creative, super healthy and decidedly yummy snack ideas! 


  1. Stuffed idli: Move over the old, boring idli - and make room for the stuffed idli! Yum! An outrageously wholesome snack, made from urad dal and rice, these fluffy white steamed cakes can be taken to the very next level by stuffing them! For a more satisfying and nutrient-dense meal, stuff the idlis with quality protein such as lentils and nuts along with some diced veggies. Crammed with a ton of protein and fibre, these gorgeous idlis will leave you feeling full until dinnertime! Serve hot with coconut chutney. Tata Sampann Urad Dal is sourced from the best organic farm and is processed and packaged in the most hygienic and scientific manner, proffering you with the finest lentils.


  1. Potato coriander dosai: This one’s perfect when you need a quick and gratifying bite. The dosa comes together in less than 15 minutes and is an incredibly healthy snack. Made of mashed potatoes, wheat flour, spices and coriander, this recipe is packed with an ideal mix of complex carbs, fibre, protein and healthy fats. This pancake boosts satiety and makes sure that you do not mindlessly snack through the day. Served piping hot with coriander-mint chutney; this one sure is a guilt-free indulgence!


  1. Uppam: Uppam is a crêpe that’s both healthy and delicious; and is a super kid-friendly recipe. An awesome snack option, you will feel good about feeding yourself and your family! These white, lacy soft crepes feature fermented rice and coconut. Served with a vegetable stew, this recipe is a wholesome snack option.


  1. Pesarattu: A delightful pancake that’s native to Andhra Pradesh, the pesarattu celebrates the green gram! Moong and spices bring a generous amount of nutrition to the table. Providing you with fibre and protein, moong is a heart friendly and diabetic friendly nutritional giant. Serve with a chutney of your choice for a quick energy boost.


  1. Aval Vadai: This crispy healthy Indian snack is lip-smacking good! Poha, onion, ginger, potatoes, green chilies and curry leaves blend together seamlessly, along with besan and rice flour. Cook over the skillet, till golden brown; serve hot with coconut chutney. Comprising of a few ingredients, this is one of those healthy Indian snacks recipes that comes together in less than half an hour. Refuel yourself with these amazing vadas! What’s more, these vadas are a 100 % kid-approved and make for just the right snacking option!

While some of these recipes call for a little time to prep, with a wee bit of foresight they can be rustled up in less than 20 minutes. It’s fairly easy to dish them up if you have made the batter and frozen it or you could use store-bought batter too. If you are determined to reshape your diet to include wholesome and clean snacks, these will really help you. Consistent, healthy snacking averts oscillations in the blood sugar level, keeps you full for longer, and prevents your body from storing-up surplus fat.



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