Salt for Health

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Salt has been a principal cooking and flavouring ingredient for centuries. Historically, it has also been used to preserve food as high amounts of salt can prevent growth of the bacteria that cause food to perish. Salt contains essential elements that play a vital role in the functioning of the human body. It is crucial for several biological functions, including fluid balance, nerve conduction and muscle contraction.

Besides sodium and chloride commonly present in salt, it also contains a number of some micronutrients which cater to our individual mineral requirements. Some of these are naturally present in salt, while some are added to salt to cater to health needs of different individuals.

  • Iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which plays an important role in metabolism.
  • Calcium contributes to healthy bones and teeth.
  • Potassium regulates muscle functioning allowing them to stretch and relax.
  • Magnesium is known to be a cleansing and detoxifying agent that helps rejuvenate the skin.
  • Iron supplies the blood with haemoglobin which helps to transport oxygen from the lungs to the various parts of the body.

Salt for a Sore Throat & Colds

Ancestral wisdom dictates the practice of mixing salt and haldi, or just plain rock salt in hot water which is then used to gargle to soothe a sore throat. This saltwater can help kill bacteria, loosen mucus, and relieve pain. Salt therapy can help you help you breathe easier when you’ve got a cold, flu or allergies. If familiar with the practice, one can use a neti pot to rinse out nasal passages with salt water to reduce congestion, cold and allergies.

Salt for Energy

Salt also helps hydration. Instead of choosing an aerated energy drink, whip up your own concoction by combining 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup fresh orange or lemon juice with 1/4 tsp Tata Rock Salt and 1 tbsp honey. This will provide an instant boost in your energy levels.

Salt and Dental Care

A saltwater rinse is a popular dental care solution among people with gum disease as it soothes tissue inflammation and helps restore the pH balance of the mouth.

Salt for the Skin

Eat Breakfast

Rock Salt sourced from the Himalayas can be used as a natural scrub. It is rich in potassium which balances skin moisture levels and magnesium which is known to have anti-allergic properties. A salt scrub will reduce roughness and dryness, exfoliate your skin and stimulate circulation.

Salt for Healthy Hair

One of the many components that contribute to healthy hair is iron. The right amount of iron in one’s diet might help counter issues like hair loss. Tata Salt Plus can provide up to 50% of the required daily allowance of Iron to help you make your hair healthier.

Modern, demanding lifestyles can deplete the vital minerals not naturally produced by the body. Choose the variant of Tata Salt that’s right for your needs, and restore a healthy balance for good health, soft skin and great hair!


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