Rajma – why pregnant women should eat kidney beans

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

Having a baby on board can cause immense stress, worry and anxiety, especially when it concerns caring for your body for 9 months. To-be moms are extremely particular about making healthy food choices for themselves as well as for the baby. Women make a host of changes to their diet to ensure that they get all the adequate nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. In this article, let’s focus on kidney beans and their significance in a pregnancy diet.

What's not to adore about rajma? Rajma chaawal is a real showstopper at the dinner table, the beans give your tacos and nachos a major heft, they lend a fun texture to soups and tikkis and give salads a wholesome twist. Here are the incredible health benefits that rajma offers.

6 reasons pregnant women should add rajma to their diet

Rajma is packed with loads of protein and fibre. The beans boast of a crowd of health-promoting minerals too. Tata Sampann Rajma is sourced from organic farms and are processed and packaged in a scientific and hygienic manner, providing you with the very best.

  • Kidney beans boost gut health: Kidney beans contain resistant starch and loads of fibre. The duo moves slowly through the GI tract and the ‘friendly’ bacteria feed on them. The ‘friendly’ bacteria bolster your immune mechanism and keep illnesses at bay, thereby, promising you a smooth, infection-free, healthy pregnancy. The beans also perk up your bowel motility, fight constipation (which is fairly common during pregnancy), enhance digestion and ward off blood sugar oscillations – all of this is very crucial during the entire 9 months, thus, making rajma one of the best foods for pregnant women.
  • Kidney beans are a fantastic source of iron. Iron is exceedingly vital for a pregnant woman and the developing fetus. The body uses iron to synthesize hemoglobin that transports oxygen throughout the body. Also, iron is a chief component of hormones and connective tissues.
  • Rajma is rich in folate: Folate is very essential for a healthy heart and nervous system. Folate is indispensable for the synthesis of nucleic acid, which prevents neural tube defects in the developing baby. One cup of kidney beans proffers about 150 micrograms of folate, and thus, you absolutely must include the beans in to your diet.
  • Kidney beans keep the heart happy. Having rajma regularly ensures that your blood pressure levels stay normal. During pregnancy, a sizeable number of women tend to develop hypertension, which could worsen in to pre-eclampsia and eclampsia; thus keeping the blood pressure level normal is very critical. Hence, consuming kidney beans is advocated by a lot of dieticians. Not only that, the beans are a wonderful source of magnesium and potassium too, both of which play a pivotal role in good cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the generous amount of fibre in rajma lowers your risk of developing heart disorders considerably.
  • Kidney beans are protein rock stars: Your need for protein balloons during pregnancy! Protein is exceedingly vital for a healthy baby — so it is decidedly important that you find the right foods that pack in a mega protein punch. Protein ensures normal growth of the baby and decreases the risk of low birth weight. 100 grams of rajma gives you a whopping 25 grams of protein.
  • Rajma prevents diabetes: One of the chief rajma benefits is preventing and managing diabetes mellitus. Gestational diabetes or diabetes that occurs during pregnancy can adversely affect the pregnancy and the baby's wellbeing. Kidney beans are loaded with fibre and resistant starch and these make sure that there is no fluctuation in the blood sugar profile. This is worth mentioning given that blood sugar oscillations lead to insulin resistance. Thus, having 2 to 3 bowls of kidney beans per week is recommended by most nutritionists.

Understanding the nutrition for a pregnant woman is very important; it is of the essence that you design a diet that is full of nutritious foods which pack in all the vitamins, minerals as well as protein. Pregnancy is possibly one of the most remarkable times in a woman's life; make sure it is smooth, easy and healthy.



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