Poha By Region: Different Indian Poha Recipes

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Using poha in your poha recipes makes for one of the most wholesome and most versatile dishes! Technically, poha is rice that’s been parboiled, flattened and dried. Poha is packed with complex carbohydrates, proffers healthy fats, and has liberal amounts of protein making it a very healthy food. Dishes made using poha are exceedingly tasty and you can get truly creative with this cereal.

5 innovative poha recipes

There are scores of ways to create healthy and fun recipes with flattened rice – let’s explore!

• Traditional breakfast poha – jazzed up! This recipe packs in loads of nutritional heavyweights, providing you with a burst of energy to begin your day right. The rice has a good amount of protein and is jam-packed with fibre. Addition of innovative ingredients such as cashews provide healthy fat, and the green peas and potatoes make it colourful and flavourful. Garnish with diced cucumber and onion for a lovely crunchiness, coconut shavings for some texture and pomegranate to take it to the next level. Top off the dish with some roasted peanuts for added protein – these are a crunch point! Squeeze generous amounts of lime and serve. This meal can be easily whipped up in a hurry and it leaves everyone super gratified, keeping them going till the mid-day meal.

• Poha cutlets: How to Increase Immune SystemThis recipe cuts back on the calories drastically by swapping potatoes with poha. These are so yummy, you'll forget that they are made of rice and aren’t fried! The green peas, carrots and onions, make this meal bursting with flavour and nutrition. If you’re feeling fancy, go ahead and toss in some moong sprouts as well! This one is pretty much a free-style meal idea – you could add cabbage, French beans, paneer, cheese, or anything that you are partial to. Serve these gorgeous golden-brown cutlets with a bowl of steaming soup and you’re good to go! Throw in a colourful salad and you just cannot go wrong with this fabulous meal!

• Poha dhokla: When you're short on time, these fluffy and easy-to-make dhoklas are the best! Place the poha, yogurt, green peas, ginger, chili and coriander in a large bowl and mix. If you want to put a big twist on your dhoklas, add some boiled corn and grated carrot - may seem a weird combination, but the taste is wow! Steam and serve hot with mint-coriander chutney. Rice and yogurt team up to provide you with a massive hit of protein, making it an amazing meal to kick-start your morning as well as to combat the afternoon slump. These springy dhoklas promise to banish hunger and put an end to mindless snacking. Importantly, your taste buds will love them too.

• Poha dosa: Whip up delicious dosas over the weekend. You will love this recipe given that it is extremely easy to put together and 1 dosa serves up lots of protein and complex carbs, especially in conjunct with a bowl of sambhar. Oh, and don't forget to make the coconut chutney! This meal is low-cal, laden with fibre, loaded with protein and gives punches of anti-oxidants - all these pep up your metabolic rate and facilitate weight loss. What’s even better is that it can be dished up very quickly, and is a fantastic option for frenzied weekdays as well.

• Poha kheer: Sweet and comforting, this pudding impresses your sweet tooth and pleases your flat belly as well. A super scrumptious kheer, it is brimming over with wholesomeness, whilst keeping the calorie count low. Generously dust the kheer with nutmeg and cardamom – these two crank it up a notch and also proffer a whole bunch of health benefits. Top off with slivered almonds and pistachios. Skip the sugar altogether, drizzle some honey and opt for a sugar substitute instead. Take the classic kheer to a whole new level of deliciousness!

While incorporate these poha recipe ideas in to your weekly menu and embrace the goodness of poha, try Tata Sampann Poha which is high in fibre and a source of protein. A 3-step quality process to ensure no powder residue or broken grains in it. It is surprisingly versatile, promises a lot of nutrition and does not derail your diet goals!

Don’t choose between health and taste


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