Nutritious Snack Recipes For The Monsoon Evenings

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

As countless drops of rain fall from the dark sky, the wind howls outside and the trees sway menacingly, it’s time for you to cook up a storm in your kitchen as well! It is natural to want to snuggle underneath the blanket, curl up with a book and gorge on some comfort food. Let’s discover some easy recipes to make the most of your monsoon experience!

Irresistible monsoon treats!

These scrumptious snacks are an ideal way to treat yourself on a rainy day! A wee bit indulgent, yet completely nutritious!

1. Moong dal vada: On a rainy day, you are bound to love this warm, spicy, hearty snack. Make a batch of these yummy fritters and binge-watch your favorite show! Chockfull of healthy protein, these moong dal bhajiyas are substantial and keep you feeling full for longer. Yes, they are fried, but come on, you can treat yourself every once in a while! And what’s more, they’re lip-smacking good and the moong dal packs in noteworthy nutrients. Moong dal is a fantastic source of protein, beta-carotene, vitamin C and fibre. Make moong dal vadas in 15 minutes by getting Tata Sampann Moong Dal Vada Mix! Enjoy crispy moong dal bhajiya fritters made with moong dal and perfect spices. Tata Sampann Moong Dal Vada mix contains the best ingredients and contains no added colours or preservatives. It is made with unpolished moong dal and other fine quality ingredients.

2. Sweet potato fries: Decadently good, dangerously addictive! This humble ingredient promises you mind-blowing flavour. Swap your potato chips for the sweet potato ones. Sweet potatoes are incredibly nutritious and taste amazingly delicious. Sweet, crunchy and spicy – ideal for the monsoon weather. The sweet potato gives you a good dose of fibre along with a large amount of beta carotene. These fries pair beautifully with fiery chili-garlic sauce! If you want to make them healthier, sprinkle your favourite spices and bake them in the oven for ten minutes instead of frying them.

3. Garlic bread and hot soup: Enjoy a bowl of hot, steaming tomato soup, along with a few slices of garlicky bread! Can there be anything more gratifying than throwing in a couple of ingredients in a saucepan, gazing out of the window, and returning 10 minutes later to cooked vegetable, ready to be turned into soup?! Pair the soup with crispy grilled bread. This combination can proffer loads of nutrients based on your choice of ingredients and it will make you feel snug and happy! You’ll feel wonderful feeding this to your family.

4. Chhole chaat: What you’ll love about this chaat is the zingy flavour and incredible texture that comes from simple ingredients. This chaat packs in a generous amount of protein and plenty of fibre. Get creative and bring together your own combinations – boiled kabuli chana, tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic chutney, coriander-mint chutney, date chutney, chaat masala, amchur (crushed mango powder), chilli, sev, puri and peanuts! Kabuli chana is brimming over with protein, chockfull of fibre, and full of antioxidants. They are wonderful for your heart as well as your digestive tract.

5. Popcorn: Protein Snacks RecipesWhen you heat corn kernels, they burst out into a crunchy, tasty snack! Corn is a cereal that is really nutritious. It gives you iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and has been associated with a whole host of remarkable health benefits – it can help you reduce your risk for cardiac disorders, pep up digestion and help keep the waistline trim. So, go ahead, make a big bowl of popcorn! You can add a dash of butter, chili powder, pepper, cinnamon, or cheese. Or if you are looking to turn this into a tread add caramelized sugar, chocolate, nuts, or dried fruit!

These innovative recipes prove that snacks can be super fun to make and are truly delicious as well as completely wholesome. Dive into these recipes and give your monsoon snacks, especially moong dal bhajiyas, a giant flavour and health upgrade!

Don’t choose between health and taste


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