Nutritional Benefits of Black Urad Dal
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
30 September 2019

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

High in protein, extremely versatile, an excellent source of fibre and packed with lots of vital vitamins and minerals, urad dal is extremely nutritious and absolutely delicious!

Urad dal or black gram feature notably in Asian cuisine. Urad dal belongs to the Leguminosae family and is the fruit pod of an annual, drought-tolerant plant. Brimming over with numerous health benefits, including – facilitating good digestion, perking up energy, and enhancing skin health; urad dal is also one of the best pulses for weight loss!

Protein  & Fibre

Protein & Fibre

100 g of urad dal provides 25.21 g of protein, making it a super food full of protein. This black gram is also high in dietary fibre which helps in the smooth working of the digestive tract and works as a bulking agent, thereby preventing constipation. The dietary fibre in black gram has also shown to lower cholesterol levels by reducing the re-absorption of cholesterol binding bile acids. Furthermore, the fibre can also contribute towards keeping the blood sugar levels within the desired range, making diabetes more manageable.

Minerals & Vitamins

Additionally, urad dal also provides high levels of vitamin B6, thiamine, pantothenic acid, riboflavin and niacin. It is also has potassium, which helps negate the influence of sodium on the blood pressure. Black gram also supplies substantial amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and phosphorus.

Cooking & Serving ideas

Cooking & Serving ideas

Urad dal needs to be soaked for about 8 hours before pressure cooking. You could also opt for organically-grown dal and ensure that they are free from moisture. Black gram dal can be incorporated into a host of dishes and recipes including these popular options -

  • Dal Makhani: A decidedly-popular and an out-and-out delicious recipe, dal makhani has an overload of the goodness of urad dal, seasoned beautifully with ginger and garlic and garnished with generous dollops of cream and butter!
  • Urad dal kachori: Appealingly crunchy, these kachoris are filled with spicy urad dal filling and make for fabulous snacks. Served with aloo subzi, this one is an absolute champion!
  • Urad dal khichdi: A rather fancy khichdi, this recipe is sure to hit the right notes! Black gram is filling and satisfying, basmati rice lends a beautiful aroma and grated coconut gives the dish a brilliant taste!

Referred to as a wonder food, urad dal also helps tackle most skin ailments, giving you a radiant, healthy glow. It is also beneficial for the hair; stepping up hair growth and dealing with hair fall effectively. Dense in nutrition, urad dal is highly valued as a health food as well as a medicinal remedy for a multitude of health conditions; be sure to include this healthy dal in to your diet.



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