Natural Ways To Stay Healthier In Winter

Winter’s here! Bundle up! Let’s stay warm even if it’s frightfully cold! You might be enjoying what Old Man Winter throws your way, more so after the scorching heat, but it is important to give your body the warmth it requires to stay healthy.

If you’ve been mulling over how to perk up energy levels, how to improve immunity and finding out the secret to staying warm during the winter, here are 3 nutrient-dense foods which promise to keep you warm in the cold weather.

Honey: Honey is warming and starting your day with a glass of warm water with honey will help in keeping you toasty. Packed with essential nutrients and potent antioxidants, honey boosts the immune mechanism and helps you stay away cold, cough and flu.

How to Stay Healthy in Winter

Turmeric: Touted as a superfood, this golden spice is brimming over with powerful anti-oxidants. Curcumin found in turmeric is the active principle which proffers all the wonderful health benefits. It is seen as one of the best warming spices. Kick start your day with haldi doodh is a very good idea. Tata Samapnn Haldi is hygienically packed and provides a minimum of 3 % curcumin guaranteed. Take a look at this page for ideas on warm haldi beverages

Tulsi or Holy basil: Tulsi is has remarkable medicinal properties. It is also an excellent source of vitamins A, C, zinc and iron. These help fight off air borne diseases, keep flu and respiratory problems away and pep up the working of the immune system. Have a glass of water that has been infused with tulsi leaves once daily through the cold winter months.

5 ways to stay warm and toasty this winter!

Here are winter foods that should be a part of your diet. Tuck into these fruits and vegetables this winter.

Layer up! Dress in layers and wear clothes made from wool or fleece, especially during the mornings and evenings. The cold wind steals your body heat via convection.

Wear socks or slippers indoors: When indoors, wear warm socks and furry slippers to stay snug.

Stay Active: Staying active boosts blood circulation. Even light exercise keeps you warm and supple. Try to incorporate a walk, jog, run, yoga, pilates or aerobics in to your routine. Exercising keeps the metabolism revved up and will keep stiffness at bay.

Winter Foods

Eat Right! The food you consume has a bearing on your body. When the temperatures dip, you must fuel up with food which will warm you such as nuts, jaggery, til (sesame seeds), bean and lentil based soups, and the evergreen khichdi to help raise your body temperature.

Showers: Hot showers warm you up instantaneously, conversely cold showers perk up the blood circulation. So, it’s a good idea to alternate between hot and cold water while showering during winter.

These household remedies will help you stay healthy and warm this winter. Have a favourite winter drink? Share your recipe with us in the comments below.


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