Must Try Multigrain Snacks And Dishes

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Multigrain snacks can be called ‘healthy food’; you get the perfect balance of complex carbs, protein and fibre. To be of assistance to all the health-conscious multigrain lovers, we have rounded up 7 yummy multigrain recipes that you’re sure to find irresistible. Whether you wish to put a creative spin on your on-hand recipes or you want a wholesome take on your favorite food, you are bound to get excited by these healthy snack ideas!

7 Healthy snack recipes

Dig in to these amazing multigrain snacks that promise to help you eat healthily every day!

  1. Thalipeeth: This exceptionally healthy flat bread is made of whole wheat, rice, chickpea flour and millets – it gives you a huge dose of fat-torching protein and a ton of heart-healthy fibre. You'll love the satiating effect of the thalipeeth that is overflowing with awesome spices, exciting condiments, and healthy grains! The snack will keep you feeling full for a long interval of time and is sure to become your new darling! Serve hot with a bowl of yogurt and pickle!
  2. Handvo: Who says it’s tough to pack a healthy gourmet snack? Meet handvo – a brilliant way to get-in loads of nutrition and fantastic flavor, all at once. This one's certain to keep you full until dinnertime, without you reaching out for that bag of chips! Rice, besan and lentils come together seamlessly in this protein-packed snack. Also, pack in carrots, bottle gourd and peas in to this savory cake to step up the health-quotient. Flavorful multi-grains, warming aromats, and a sturdy dose of protein! This comforting dish comes together easily in one pot and provides a mountain of nutrition. The mustard seeds and sesame seeds play a huge role in elevating the dish. The grains pep up your metabolic rate, get rid of bloat, fuel your workout, squash cravings - all this in this wholesome snack!
  3. Khichdi: Khichdi pairs spicy, salty, and pungent flavors beautifully, and these play off each other so well, that you will not notice that it’s a super healthy meal! Bring together various dals of your choice – toor, moong, masoor, chana and rice, throw in your favorite veggies and add some fish or chicken to add some extra protein. There are scores of khichdi recipes to experiment with! The khichdi boasts of having protein, complex carbs, vitamin B complex, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Serve steaming hot with raita, kadhi, pickle or a favorite curry.
  4. Dhokla: Chockfull of protein, fibre and complex carbs in a presentation that is befitting for gourmet snack! An incredible blend of different permutations and combinations of - lentils, rice, semolina, besan, and rajma, there are a horde of dhokla recipes to try out! The add-ins – peas, palak, corn, carrot and bottle gourd are brimming over with anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and potent antioxidants, and the dish is exceedingly low in calories. Dhoklas are absolutely ideal to jump-start your day or to battle the afternoon slump.
  5. Chilla: These gorgeous pancakes are great food for you. Get creative and incorporate them in to your daily snack in new and exciting ways! Chickpea flour, moong dal and rava – that gives you loads of lean protein and antioxidants; with a delicious touch of ginger, coriander and yogurt. Serve with tamarind-date chutney; yum!
  6. Idli: Nothing beats soft, fluffy, pillowy idlis! Teamed with sambar and chutney, this one makes for a super scrumptious and super nutritious snack. These comforting and satisfying steamed cakes are made from urad dal and rice; both of which resist digestion, keeping you fuller for longer. Tata Sampann Fibre Rich Idli Mix is made using the choicest high quality ingredients that provides you with the best. What’s more, it has no added preservatives and it’s ready to cook in 15 minutes! 
  7. Dosa: Made from urad dal and rice, these crispy crepes can fill you up, gratify your soul as well as tummy, help protect your heart, steady blood sugar levels and soothe your gut. Furthermore, experimenting with various chutneys and stuffings makes this flavor-packed meal all you need to get your daily nutrition fix! Everything about this wonderful snack is fresh, vibrant, wholesome, delish and most importantly—satisfying!

Fibre-packed whole grains are unquestionably the best thing ever! Integrating two or more grains in to your recipe makes the dish a nutritional powerhouse. In comparison with the refined version, multi-grains favorably impact your cholesterol profile, blood sugar level as well as weight, allowing you to eat guilt-free.



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