Magical Methi - A vegetable, herb and spice

Fenugreek, commonly known as Methi in India, is used in all types of culinary preparations. Available in many forms, it is used as a vegetable, an herb, and a spice as well. Due to Methi’s high nutritional value and many health benefits, it is also a part of many ayurvedic medicines and remedies.

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Whole methi seeds are often used in pickles, tadkas and even sabzis. These seeds are also an important ingredient in many Indian masalas such as Panch Phoron and Garam masala. Its distinctive nutty, bitter taste is unlike any other spice. Methi seeds are also used for medicinal purposes. They are soaked in water overnight and this flavored water is consumed each morning to avail health benefits such as weight loss, controlling diabetes, and heartburn. Methi seeds and its powder is also used improve skin and hair health.

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As a vegetable, methi is part of many well-known dishes. Whether it is the rich methi malai mutter gravy or the humble methi thepla, fenugreek leaves add an abundance of taste and nutritional benefits in each preparation. It is one of the most easily available leafy vegetables in India. Fenugreek is rich in fibre, protein, iron, manganese and magnesium. In addition to traditional preparations such as sabzis and curries, fenugreek microgreens are also used in salads frequently.

The spice

Sprinkling a pinch of crushed kasuri methi on your sabzi as a garnish adds an irresistible aroma and refreshing flavor to the entire dish. Kasuri methi is dried methi leaves which are commonly used as a garnish for rich Indian curries. It is crushed and added in measured amount as too much or cooked kasuri methi can impart a bitter taste ruining the whole dish. If added in just the right amount, at the right time, kasuri methi can turn even the simplest curry into a show stopper.

Methi seeds and kasuri methi are exquisite additions that provide complementary flavor to preparations and enhance the prominent flavors. This unique quality is the reason why sprinkling a pinch of crushed kasuri methi to sabzis is almost a ritual in most restaurant kitchens. This is a well-known culinary trick which can raise the taste quotient of any rich gravy.

Making methi a part of your diet has many health benefits. According published research on PubMed, methi can help you control your blood glucose levels. It can also lower cholesterol levels. Studies also point out that consumption of methi can also help in controlling appetite and losing weight by reducing total fat intake. Fenugreek can also help treat heart burn. Methi seeds or powder is a well-known home remedy for digestive, skin and hair conditions. (2d)(2f)

Keep a packet of pure, high quality kasuri methi in your kitchen to enhance the taste of every dish that you cook and increase its nutritional value. While you shop, pick up Tata Sampann’s Kasuri Methi which is greener, contains lesser extras such as stems and has the most optimum level of moisture. Use a single pinch to transform your every culinary creation.


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