Ladoos – Not Just Desserts!

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

If you’re a mithai fanatic, then, you’ve come to the right place! This roundup of ladoos is dedicated to some of the very best which scream decadence, yet do not upset your diet goals. You never have a mithai for its nutritional value, right? You have it because you need the sweet satisfaction! What's the point of devouring a ladoo if it does not gratify you? Contrarily, what if you get all the scrumptious happiness along with a truck-load of wholesome nutrition? A dessert dream come true! You can gorge on these delightful ladoos – guilt-free!

These bite-sized mithai are perfect for a festive occasion, to beat the afternoon slump, as a mid-morning snack, to pack into the lunch-box and as dessert! When made prudently, they provide a ton of wholesomeness and quell hunger pangs, whilst imparting an explosion of fabulous flavours!

Ladoos you should be eating!

Using a controlled amount of sugar and ghee and a generous dose of healthy, nutritious, antioxidant-packed ingredients, you will have super yummy ladoos rather than a mithai that leaves you feeling guilty.

  • Methi ladoo: What can be more decadent and nutritious at the same time than a methi ladoo? Made from fenugreek seeds, this ladoo oozes absolute wholesomeness. Methi seeds are loaded with fibre and powerful anti-oxidants. Fenugreek healthily squashes your hunger, keeps the heart happy and also helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Methi ladoo is the perfect treat for diabetics! This fudgy, simple ladoo is an awesome energy booster too. Jump-start your day with this energy-bite. Do not hesitate to include it into your weekly snack and sweet lineup. Furthermore, making them is a real cinch!
  • Til ladoo: The thought of this chewy Sankrant speciality is bound to take you back to your childhood days when the skies would glitter with hundreds of colourful kites! Sesame seeds, groundnuts and jaggery – that’s all you need for this super delicious treat. The protein-rich sesame seeds are one of the oldest and most nutritious foods on earth! The seeds are jam-packed with mono and polyunsaturated fats, vitamins B1 and B6, zinc, magnesium, copper, and phosphorous. The ladoo packs in unimaginable amounts of nutrition in one small bite!
  • Gond ladoo: This ladoo is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth whilst keeping the nutritional quotient high! Moist and fudgy, gond ladoo is made from edible gum, ghee, jaggery and dusted off with cardamom and nutmeg. Gond pledges to perk up stamina levels as well as enhance the working of the immune system. Chockfull of calcium and protein, gond ladoo is advocated for lactating mothers.
  • Ragi ladoo: A very ancient grain, the millet is rather mild, a wee bit sweet and has a mere suggestion of nuttiness. Ragi doesn’t seem to have a very distinctive flavour of its own, and imbibes the flavour of what it's cooked with. Ragi or nachni, jaggery and nuts come together in this wholesome sweet treat. An outstanding source of calcium and vitamin D3, ragi proffers you sufficient amounts of these two to help you stay away from supplements and keep your bones strong. Ragi is also packed with plenty of iron and helps combat anaemia effectively. A yummy nutritional giant, especially for kids.
  • Moong dal ladoo: A light, silky ladoo, this one is absolutely tempting and fortunately, moong dal is a mammoth nutritional powerhouse. The lentil is crammed with protein and fibre – both of which boost satiety, protect the heart and keep the GI tract happy. Gooey, extremely flavorful and irresistibly good, it will have you drooling.  Beat your afternoon slump with this divine sweet. Use Tata Sampann Moong Dal as it is unpolished and sourced from the best farms of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, which are known for the fine quality of the same. This moong dal is bold premium grain, which is of the same quality throughout the year.

You absolutely must make these wholesome, yet satisfyingly sweet treats and incorporate them into your diet. These ladoos are great choices as a replacement to usual desserts when you are watching your weight or just trying to eat healthy.


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