Innovative Ways To Use Sprouts

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Sprouts are a massive storehouse of nutrition and energy. They are loaded with vitamins C, B complex, K and A. They also provide abundant amounts of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and manganese. They are an excellent way of obtaining enzymes which are vital for our body. Sprouts are powerhouses of oxygen as well, and help boost blood circulation, sluice out bacteria, and pep up the immune functioning.

5 reasons to embrace sprouts!



  • Packed with fibre: The sprouts contain high amount of fibre and this helps lower LDL cholesterol levels. The fibre also ensures that the blood glucose level stays steady and does not fluctuate too much. Fibre also help fat loss and is the best colon cleanser.
  • Boost heart health: Bean sprouts are chockfull of potassium, that’s crucial for maintaining normal B.P. levels and good heart muscle contraction. The sprouts fibre also keeps cholesterol levels in check and thwarts heart attacks.
  • Loaded with vitamin K: Vitamin K is essential for blood clotting and preventing blood loss, and is particularly important for women in the childbearing age.
  • Excellent source of choline: Choline belonging to B-vitamins is indispensable for liver detoxification.
  • Low in calories: Sprouts contain very few calories per bowl, making them a great snack and ensuring that you do not pile on unnecessary and undesirable weight.

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Fantastic recipes to make sprouts fun and interesting

1. Sprouts dhokla: The sprout dhoklas have a lovely rich fluffy texture and the sprouts add a delightful crispy crunch. Drizzled with sesame and mustard seeds dressing and served with khajur chutney, they take on a new level of yumminess!

2. Mixed beans sprouts salad: Mix various bean sprouts, diced cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots, drench with fresh garlic dressing and garnish with fresh herbs. Not only is this salad bright and vibrant; and power-packed with nutrition, it is a refreshing luncheon option as

3. Sprouts tikki: Mash together sprouts, potatoes, bell peppers and peas and shape into tikkis and shallow fry in oil. You can have it with a dip or as a part of a wholesome burger!

4. Sprouts bhel: A super healthy spin on a beloved chaat! A beautiful amalgamation of sprouts, corn and vegetables of your choice, along with generous amounts of chutney and some sev make this dish absolutely irresistible! The sprouts lend the dish a wonderful crunch and flavour. Lime juice and tangy spices guarantee an irresistible dish.

5. Sprout tacos: Crispy taco cases stuffed with bean sprouts, rajma, fresh salsa or salad and some cheese are a joy to eat! This one’s got just that right balance of tangy, salty, spicy and cheesy going on!
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6. Sprouts stir-fry: A fabulous oriental take on sprouts! The sprouts are stir-fried with loads of chili, ginger and garlic, then add a dash of soy sauce and sprinkle sesame seeds. The gorgeous Asian flavors compliment the sprouts well and the dish takes less than 15 minutes to prepare!

7. Sprouts risotto: This creamy risotto is perfect as a main or side dish. Don’t let a risotto intimidate you. It isn’t difficult to make; it only needs your undivided attention. The key is constant stirring. Sprouts put an unusual spin on a risotto and uplift the dish to a whole new level!

8. Khao soi: A Thai inspired soup, this one has an immense depth of flavour and is topped with fresh crunchy sprouts. Add the sprouts just before serving, so they stay crisp and don’t become soggy. A comforting soup couldn't get simpler!

Use these ideas to start eating more sprouts and add more nutrition to your everyday meals!


Incorporate a lot of vegetables like cucumber, radish, tomatoes and capsicum into your diet this season as they have high water content. Other veggies such as cauliflower, broccoli and carrots are also hydrating. Whatever ingredients you choose, a nice dressing will be sure to make your salads all the more enticing. Try mixing a bit of salt, pepper, garlic and a squeeze of lime with some olive oil and drizzling it over your salad just before serving.

Frozen Treats

Treat yourself to this refreshing frozen delight. Fruit-based popsicles are healthy, easy to make and are naturally a hit among kids and adults alike. Juice any fruits of your choice and transfer it to an ice cube tray. When it is partially set, poke in toothpicks and allow it to freeze completely. Serve as is or dipped in a bit of whipped cream for a guilt-free sweet treat.

Stay hydrated, stay healthy!


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