Innovative ways of using Leftover Dal
Dr. Shweta U. Shah

Dr. Shweta U. Shah
25 November 2019

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Oh so often, you’ve looked into the refrigerator and spied a container of leftovers, ignored and forgotten! It would be wise for us to get smarter about using all the food that we have bought and cut back on wastage. That means we ought to get smarter about our leftovers.

Dal is a staple in each and every household. And more often than not, we do end up with some surplus dal. Depending on the type of lentil, its consistency and its seasoning, you can modify it to create a novel, delicious dish the next day! Here are 4 tasty, creative ways of using leftover dal:

Dishes with leftover dal
  • Paratha: Roll up some leftover dal into spicy parathas! The dough balls are stuffed with the dal mixture, and then rolled out to make parathas. You can also use dal to make the dough, instead of water. Serve with boondi raita!
  • Chilla: Blend in the dal into your chilla batter to make savoury pancakes with a twist!
  • Pakoda: Mix the uneaten dal with sooji, besan, onions, potato and bread crumbs and fry till golden brown and crispy to make some finger-licking good pakodas!
  • Dal Dhokli: A massively popular Gujarati dish, the dhokli are dumplings made of whole wheat flour and delectable spices. They are tossed and cooked into toor dal seasoned with jaggery, lemon juice and velvety ghee.

Reinventing leftover dal is a smart idea as dals and lentils in general have immense health benefits. Pulses and more so lentils are decidedly versatile. They are filling and can facilitate healthy weight loss and help you slim down your waistline. Additionally, they help protect against heart disease and help manage diabetes as well. It’s a complete win-win situation!

The soluble fibre present in dals helps trim the unsightly fat around the belly and diminishes LDL cholesterol levels too. Another wonderful outcome of this is a revved up metabolism, which again helps battle the bulge and brings about weight reduction. Boiled dal is packed with protein which keeps you feeling full for an extended interval of time which can help in managing calorie intake. Reviving bland dal helps you get these benefits in a delicious form while avoiding wastage.

Lentils are super versatile and really adaptable; this can be seen in how dal is an essential part of recipes from across the country, be it Dal Fry or Dal Makhani in the north, Amti or Tuvar ni Dal in the west, Sambar or Pappu in the south, Peyaj Dal or Cholar Dal in the east. Dals can be easily integrated into your daily menu. They are definitely a super food filled with all the nutrients you need.


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