Innovate In The Kitchen With Non Veg Khichdi Ideas

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.


Khichdi is a super versatile dish and you can experiment with the diverse lentils, numerous vegetables, multiple cereals as well as our quintessential herbs and spices. There are many versions of the khichdi. Although, traditionally it is cooked with rice and moong dal and subtly seasoned, this savoury porridge is India's much-loved comfort food and has undergone a dramatic transition and change. You could explore a host of recipes, ranging from - multigrain khichdi, paalak khichdi, broccoli khichdi as well as adding meat to the dish.

You can turn the modest and unassuming khichdi into a gourmet dish by giving it a meaty spin! Fry some chicken, egg, fish or mutton in ghee, and add the regular khichdi ingredients and voila! You have a winner! Non-veg variations of the khichdi are a complete protein powerhouse. It will fill you up with quality protein, keep you feeling fuller for longer and will help build muscle as well. Team your khichdi with vegetable curry, raita, kadhi, or pickle.

Egg khichdi

Aromatic and comforting, the results of the egg khichdi are extraordinary! Egg khichdi is a fantastic option when you want a khichdi with a twist in a jiffy. The appetizing ingredients are the key to the fabulous taste of this khichdi. Get together rice, lentils of your choice, and toss in boiled eggs along with your favourite spices.

Masala chicken khichdi

This recipe is a brilliant combination of rice, lentils and chicken amalgamated with hearty spices. A nourishing meal, it consists of marinated chicken, moong dal, masoor dal, mushy rice, and delectable aromatics. A creamy one pot meal, it is perfect for the cold, winter months to warm you up! Serve with cucumber-tomato raita.

Kheema khichdi

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This version integrates rice, dals with minced meat with pungent spices. Anticipate the heat from the cloves and chillies and a delicious aroma from the ground mutton. Generous shavings of coconut as a garnish will leave you asking for more. Make it colourful by adding vibrant vegetables. Drizzle ghee for that extra flavour. Serve kheema khichdi steaming hot with papad (poppadums) and pickle.

The khichdi might be unpretentious, but you can absolutely remodel it into a beautiful and nutrition-packed dish to feast on. To ensure you get the most amount of nutrition from the dals you use to make your khichdi, use unpolished dals from the Tata Sampann range. Carefully packed and unpolished, these lentils and pulses retain their natural goodness. When you have the right ingredients, all you require is the right perspective and it will give your favourite comfort food the remarkable makeover that it deserves.


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