Indori poha – a staple in the city

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If you are looking for a metabolism and energy boost, this breakfast bowl is for you! Poha has always been well-loved, now it is fast becoming a big trend, and it sure is prudent for you to hop on to the bandwagon with these super poha recipes to eat more of the flattened rice! Indori poha is a wholesome breakfast option that is served with Sev, sliced onions, peanuts, lime and Jalebi.

Given that, poha is exceedingly easy to make and is loaded with nutrients, we're totally in favour of eating poha at least thrice a week. Experimenting with various poha recipes and testing out diverse toppings and accompaniments helps battle taste bud fatigue and provides you with a truckload of nutrition.

Drool-worthy Indori Poha recipe

Comprising of the miraculous satiating trio of - protein, complex carbs, and fibre, you definitely must consider adding this recipe to your morning meal to squash hunger pangs and keep you full right up to lunch time. Tata Sampann Poha is made from the finest rice, keeping the fibre of the grain and its wholesomeness intact.

  • A bowl of poha is filled with some of the most nutritious and powerful fat-blasting ingredients! While the flattened rice provides complex carbs and vitamin B complex, the onions, potatoes, green peas, ginger, and pomegranate provide potent anti-oxidants.
  • Flattened rice provides healthy carbs, is light on the stomach and can be digested very easily. It is also laden with fibre and makes for the perfect low-cal delicious meal. The calories of poha (1 bowl) are 250; hence, poha for weight loss is a distinct possibility! What’s more, the super grain brings down cholesterol levels, cuts back on your risk of developing diabetes and also helps you lose weight.
  • The groundnuts give the dish a lot of oomph – they lend a healthy serving of monounsaturated fats which torch calories and also give the dish a delightful crunch!
  • The ultimate game-changer for the Indori poha is the jeeravan masala – a fabulous blend of – jeera powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, red chili powder, ginger powder and black salt. Not only do these spices add a zingy punch to the poha, they also boost metabolism and whittle the waist.
  • The amazing toppings provide the majority of savour to the dish; and the gorgeous sweet and sour take the dish sky-high! Fennel seeds are an integral part of the recipe and the seeds give the poha a sweetish character. Top with sev, finely chopped raw onions, pomegranate arils and grated coconut and serve hot with a side of Jalebi! Bliss!

The poha is a scrumptious, completely drool-worthy, light and fluffy snack that goes well with a hot cup of chai! Given the reasons that flattened rice is such a power player – boosting weight loss, quelling appetite and accelerating calorie-burn, it’s a good idea to include it in to your weekly line-up.

In fact, with poha teeming with so many remarkable health benefits, it’s rather foolish to not think outside the breakfast bowl right? So, get creative and incorporate this super-food in to a horde of recipes that will electrify your taste buds and rev up your weight loss efforts! 



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