Immunity and pregnancy

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

We bet you do not want to get ill at all, more so, when you are pregnant, right? It is of the greatest importance that your immune mechanism is super robust to play guard at all times. During pregnancy, the immune system tends to face certain hurdles; along with the morning sickness, swollen ankles, back pain, and exhaustion, pregnancy is known to lower your immunity too, leaving you a little vulnerable to infections. Fortunately, you can eat certain specific foods which naturally boost the working of your immune system.

Steps to take to boost your immune system while pregnant

Being pregnant can impact your immune system, luckily, you can follow these steps to bolster your immune mechanism and stay healthy and safe.

  • Eat well. Shore up your immune system by eating a nutritious diet that’s packed with protein, fruits, and vegetables. Eating a wholesome balanced diet strengthens your immune system and speeds up your recovery too by supporting the body with important vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
  • Stay well hydrated. Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water daily is crucial for the optimal working of the immune system and for good health; it prevents illnesses and manages the symptoms better if you do get ill. Importantly, steer clear of caffeinated drinks and beverages that are chockfull of sugar.
  • Get rest. One of the most effective ways to fortify your immune system is to ensure that you sleep well. The pregnant body works overtime to keep you going and to care for the developing baby – getting adequate sleep and rest is essential to staying healthy and disease-free.

3 immune boosting foods that should be a part of your pregnancy diet

Shield your body by loading up on these 3 foods for immune system:

  1. Ginger: The root is crammed with gingerols which are very powerful anti-inflammatory agents as well as super potent anti-oxidants. These two toughen up your immune system and are the chief factors which promise to fight off flu and infections. Given that, inflammation adversely afflicts your immune response, the gingerols play a pivotal part in enhancing your immune mechanism. Additionally, ginger is just what the doctored ordered for pregnancy – it helps deal with GI discomfort, manages morning sickness and also takes care of lower back pain. So, have a glass of ginger tea once a day. You could also throw in some jeera, saunf and cardamom; these spices provide enormous benefits too, boosting your health immensely. Tata Sampann Spices are sourced from organic farms and are packaged in a scientific and hygienic manner, proffering you with the very best.
  1. Turmeric latte: Haldi is brimming over with curcumin which is a formidable anti-inflammatory agent. Curcumin gets the manufacture of T-cells going; the T-cells are the chief cells that battle infections and keep the immune system in top-notch condition. Kick-start your day with a glass of haldi ka doodh!
  1. Yoghurt: Yoghurt is a fabulous way of strengthening your immune system by providing your body with pro-biotics, which are basically friendly bacteria that enhance the working of the GI tract. Our immune mechanism is linked to the bacteria in the gut, thus a healthy GI microbiome is crucial to having a strong and healthy immune system. In fact, researchers have revealed that pregnant women who consumed pro-biotics everyday were less susceptible to catching a cold than those who did not consume probiotics.

You could also talk to your health care provider about prenatal vitamins and immune boosting vitamins to keep the immune system functioning well. Furthermore, keeping a positive and happy outlook, and managing stress are very critical to supporting a strong immune system. Yoga, Pranayama, and massage are all incredible ways to battle stress and get a good night’s sleep – and reinforcing your immunity.




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