How to keep those kachoris healthy?

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A flaky, crispy, golden pastry crust enclosing the perfect savoury mixture! Popularized by the people of Rajasthan, kachoris are delicious crispy snacks, filled with a flavourful and spicy mix of various lentils, different vegetables, and zesty spices and herbs. This snack is irresistible and festive enough to share during the holidays!

Kachoris are warm, flaky, and zingy – all of which make it an ideal mid-afternoon snack to have with your chai and to quell those hunger pangs. You know that dreadful afternoon slump—when there is an awful drop in energy levels and you tend to reach out for biscuits or a bag of chips. Eating the wrong foods further drains your energy; hence, choose the right foods and it’ll help you squash that afternoon slump.

Foods that are good sources of protein and complex carbs are the best choices for an afternoon nibble. The goal is to squash the hunger pangs, sustain a steady blood sugar profile and ginger up your energy levels.

Make kachori the healthy way!

Experiment with different fillings for your kachori recipe, plan a little ahead of time and keep the pastry dough ready. Make your dough using whole wheat atta as opposed to maida to make it healthier. You can add a little bit of baking powder while making the dough and bake the kachori instead of deep frying it. This will help you make the kachori into a wholesome, yummy afternoon snack!

5 Creative Kachori Recipes

Quintessentially, the kachori is filled with a blend of moong dal and urad dal. However, you can innovative and experiment with a whole bunch of ingredients while keeping the crust the same.

• Moong dal kachori: This modest pantry staple gets a superb make-over when made in to a kachori! Moong dal is quick to cook, packed with healthy fibre and loaded with quality protein, making it ideal for this satisfying, wholesome, low-calorie snack. What’s more, the moong dal soaks up the flavors of the spices very well; turmeric, chili, cumin seeds, fennel seed and aamchur powder come together beautifully in this mouth-watering kachori. Tata Sampann Moong Dal is a bold, premium grain which is unpolished to retain nutrients. Sourced from the fields of from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, this moong dal is of consistent and good quality throughout the year.

• Green peas kachori: How to Make Kachori‘Vatana ni kachori’ from Gujarat has a vibrant green colour, is a little sweet, super tangy and absolutely tasty. It is a yummy amalgamation of fresh peas, peanuts, coconut, fennel and spices. Officially, peas are a part of the legume family and these little green beans are protein powerhouses, with 1 cup providing about 8 grams of protein. Green peas also provide large amounts of satiating fiber as well as important vitamins and minerals. The kachori recipe pairs well with pudina chutney or khajur chutney!

• Paneer kachori: Soft and gooey on the inside and crisp and crunchy on the outside, this kachori is a real treat! Classic, hearty, protein-packed paneer kachoris make a nutritious snack that helps beat the hunger pangs and can be packed for the school and office too. Cottage cheese is low in calories, is an excellent source of protein, and is flush with calcium. About 2 kachoris provide 20 grams of protein. Highly-seasoned paneer, spices and coriander - add oodles of protein to your diet with these kachoris. You can cut out the fat by baking them instead of deep frying them. Your family will love baked treats!

• Pyaaz kachori: Celebrated for its bold, pungent flavours, this kachori from Jodhpur is filled with pyaaz (onions), kalonji, coriander leaves, bay leaves, garam masala, green chilies and fennel seeds. Served hot with tamarind chutney, they taste brilliant.

• Kaju badam kachori: This sweet version of the kachori is undeniably and categorically decadent! It is full of finely chopped cashews and almonds, mava and sweetener! Decadence at its supreme best! Nuts bring down cholesterol levels, battle depression, and promise you good vision. Nuts taste so good and also deliver vital nutrients to our body.

Make a batch of kachoris with these nutritious kachori recipe ideas and store them well in an air-tight container; they stay fresh for 3 to 5 days. Simply pop them in to the oven when you want to snack on them. Another tip – you can also make the filling ahead of time and freeze it. When you want to make them, simply thaw the mixture, assemble the kachoris and they’re ready to fry or bake!

Don’t choose between health and taste


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