Hot new recipes to enjoy the benefits of red chilli powder

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

As a nation renowned for its spices, we love a good kick of heat in our food. An essential in our pantry, the variety of spices are endless but there is one that’s made a permanent place for itself in all our homes – the red chilli powder. Used for its brilliant colour and flavour, the red chilli powder benefits every dish with its spicy kick.

Benefits of red chilli powder

It also comes with a horde of health benefits. High content of potassium in red chilli powder benefits you by soothing your blood vessels and regulating blood pressure. A good source of Vitamin C, it also supports the immune system and helps the body combat chronic diseases. This spice not only adds zing, it is also contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, B6, K, A, potassium and copper. Chilli peppers contain antioxidant plant compounds which may have health benefits such as pain relief and weight loss.

While we’ve mastered the use of red chilli powder in curries and sabzi, it’s time to explore the versatility of this spice with innovative recipes that you can easily make in your kitchen.

Chilli Avocado Papdi Chaat
Eat Breakfast Papdi Chaat is an all-time hit in any household. Give it a refreshing twist and substitute the potato topping with Avocado instead. Adding avocado also makes this dish healthier as it is a good source of vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, folate, magnesium, and potassium. Avocados are also full of healthy, beneficial fats that help to keep you full and satiated.

Mix some chopped avocado with red chilli powder, onions and tomato. Put it on your papdi and top it off with some green chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. Voila! It’s a cool and delicious version of a classic favourite.

Guava Chili Ice Cream
We’ve all had guava with a generous sprinkling of red chilli powder. It’s packed with a nostalgic lip-smacking flavour of sweetness with a punch of spice. So, why not turn it into an ice-cream? Guava is a great fruit to incorporate in your diet as it is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, potassium, and fibre. These nutrients give guavas many health benefits like lowering blood sugar levels, boosting heart health and help in weight loss.

Blend together 6-8 guavas, 1 cup condensed milk, and some sweetener as per your preference. Add 1 cup milk powder and 1 cup fresh cream to this and whisk it properly. Freeze for 6-8 hours. While serving sprinkle chilli powder on the ice cream.

Dark Chocolate Chilli Cookies
Radish Sugar and spice, and all things nice! That’s true deliciousness, literally. Switch up your regular home-made cookies by bringing in a little bit of red chilli powder in the mix. Use dark chilli chocolate instead of a regular chocolate bar and add a tablespoon of red chilli powder to the flour before mixing in the eggs and sugar.

Chili Muskmelon Cooler
Muskmelons are known for their high-water content and contain very few calories. The juicy fruit is perfect for diabetics as well as pregnant woman as it contains a very high amount of folate. It helps reduce constipation due to its fiber content.

In a blender, take chopped chunks of muskmelon, add salt, Tata Nx Zero Sugar, lime juice. Add some ice (part of it can be used while serving) & blend until smooth. While serving, take some crushed ice in a glass, add a pinch of red chillI powder for an amazing layer of flavour & pour the cooler. Stir well, add some more ice or lemon wedges or mint leaves for garnish. The health benefits of red chilli powder and muskmelon combined, will give you double the flavour and wellness.

Getting creative in the kitchen does not require you to experiment with new ingredients all the time. Sometimes, it’s all about playing with the same old flavours to spice things up!


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