Healthy Snacks That Pack In Vegetables

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah.      .

There might be a ton of ready-to-eat packaged snacks out there, but absolutely nothing can beat a homemade and nutritious snack from your own kitchen. Given our frenzied lifestyle, we tend to stress over what we lay our hands on as speedily as possible along with what’s healthy and nourishing. Thus, having a list of nutritious go-to snacks can be a real boon.

Super healthy snacks for kids and adults!

Vegetables are jam-packed with the most vital vitamins and minerals. They decrease inflammation, boost energy levels, improve blood sugar profile, bring down cholesterol and keep your metabolism humming. With these delicious ideas, you are a mere 15 minutes away from a hunger-killing, tasty, nutritious, and healthy snacks.

  1. Tikki: Soft, succulent and well-spiced vegetables that have been marinated in a yoghurt blend, give the tikki a melt-in-your-mouth fabulous texture! Completely wholesome inside out and having an excellent combination of fibre, protein, and calcium, this one is a breeze to make. When paired with a bowl of steaming soup, it makes for a complete meal.
  1. Sprouts and veggie bhel: With this delicious recipe you will be eating several veggies in a healthy form. This recipe is a healthier version of the regular bhel! Visually pleasing, fun to throw together and appetizing to eat, this bhel is an easy way to get in potent vitamins and minerals and keep your weight in check. Cucumber, beet, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and cabbage boast of powerful strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that battle free radicals. When the veggies team up with sprouts, it’s the healthiest snack! The bhel packs in hardly any calories and keeps you fuller for longer. Get innovative with the chutneys, add some rock salt for additional flavour, and serve this colourful snack guiltfree!
  1. Kebabs: A delectable combination of vegetables, protein and spices! Although they seem incredibly indulgent, kebabs clock in very few calories. A truly beloved comfort dish, the kebabs are crispy on the top and unimaginably soft on the inside. This fantastic veggie laden version is an out-and-out treat. Ditch the frying pan and try grilling them instead. Use besan (gram flour) to bind them well and increase the nutritional value of this snack.
  1. Sandwiches: Vegetables have been credited with whittling the waist, decreasing arterial plaque, and thwarting free radical damage. They are packed with all the crucial vitamins and minerals and are mega nutritional giants. Sandwiches are a fun way to incorporate loads of veggies into your meal. Besides being easy to make and can be eaten on-the-go, they're super wholesome and promote satiety. Opt for whole-grain bread and jazz things up with delicious green chutney.
  1. Chilla: Undoubtedly one of the healthy snacks for kids, chilla is a complete show-stopper! Moong dal is a dietary powerhouse that helps shrink your waist, reduce your appetite and are completely gratifying. Teamed with diverse vegetables, the chilla makes for a complete meal. You can toss in carrots, beet, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and cabbage. Pair the chilla with khajur chutney and take your meal to the very next level! Use Tata Sampann’s Moong Dal Chilla Mix to cut down on the cooking time while adding health and taste to your snack. This chilla mix’s ingredients include unpolished moong dal flour and an array of spices.
  1. Dhokla: When you are looking for a veggie-based and protein-loaded meal, soft, steamed dhoklas are the answer and they match a wide range of palates. Make things interesting by adding ginger, chili, carrots, green peas, corn and bottle gourd. Dhoklas with substance and pizzazz to dig into. The mustard seeds and sesame seeds tadka on the top plays a pivotal role in the recipe. Serve with spicy coriander-mint chutney.
  1. Handvo: This dish will change how you look at vegetables forever! A guaranteed crowd and tummy pleaser, handvo is versatile enough to incorporate vegetables such as carrots, doodhi, capsicum, green peas and onions. Ginger and garlic help you add additional taste to this multigrain snack. Fibre from the vegetables and protein from the dals satisfy you and squash hunger pangs successfully. What’s more, this recipe will not disrupt your nutrition goals. A truly filling, super delicious veggie-based dish!

When you opt for a snack, always select one that is full of protein and fibre. They take longer to digest, and fill you up for a long interval of time. Sensible snacks are a great way to add loads of nutrition to your menu. Go ahead, experiment with these yummy recipes!


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