Healthy Kabuli Chana Snacks

This article is authored by Dr. Shweta U. Shah. A practicing homeopath, she follows a patient-centred perspective, emphasizing the benefits of natural remedies and herbs, homeopathy and whole food nutrition.

Kabuli chana or chickpeas or garbanzo beans are a very popular legume. Across the globe, they’ve been a huge favourite for several years. Prized for their protein and fibre content, they also contain loads of vitamins and minerals. These beans are available all the year round and you can effortlessly integrate them into your meal plans. Chickpeas have a delicious nutty flavour and buttery texture. They are very versatile and are exceedingly common in Indian and Middle Eastern recipes.

Nutritional profile of the chickpea

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  • An excellent source of fibre, the chickpeas ought to be a part of every diabetic’s diet. They improve blood sugar levels and ensure that there isn’t too much fluctuation in the blood glucose profile.
  • The fibre also helps lower cholesterol levels significantly and is a potent heart-healthy food.
  • It is considerably low in fat and is jam-packed with good quality protein.
  • The beans also proffer liberal amounts of folic acid, manganese, molybdenum, copper, iron and zinc.
  • They facilitate weight loss and help you manage your weight. The legume’s powerful combination of high fibre, high protein, and low glycemic index help manage weight well. The pulses keep you feeling fuller for longer and, thus, help lower your calorie intake.

Tata Sampann Kabuli Chana is unpolished and not subjected to artificial polishing with water, oil or leather, thereby preserving its natural goodness. The beans are scientifically packaged following strict quality control measures.

Delicious ways to incorporate chickpeas into snacks

These recipes are so good, that the kabuli chana will become your favourite go-to protein! What’s more, you will feel good about eating it because it’s low in fat and loaded with nutrition.

1. Kabuli Chana Tikka: This recipe is an out-and-out lifesaver when you want to snack on something substantial and healthy. Gram combined with oats; mixed with vegetables and spices and then baked till crispy golden brown – you have a deliciously wholesome vegan patty that is sure to keep you happily full for hours. Top it with dahi and sprinkle some spices and chaat masala to turn this into a healthy chaat.

2. Crunchy Kabuli chana: Roasted chickpeas get surprisingly crunchy! All you’ve to do is smear a little oil and toast them in the oven. Season with salt, pepper and spices of your choice. The perfect mid-afternoon snack! Lip-smacking good, highly addictive and you won’t feel guilty of having binged! This dish showcases the natural goodness and taste of the Kabuli chana and make a great crunchy swap for your potato crisps.

3. Chana Chaat: Kabuli chana makes a very scrumptious and hearty addition to your chaat and gives it a huge protein kick as well. A truly satisfying salad comprising of - boiled kabuli chana, diced tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers and lime. Sprinkle some red chili powder and jeera powder an Indian touch. Have this as a meal or serve it as a healthy starter.

4. Capsicum stuffed with kabuli chana: Capsicum, also known as bell peppers, are vibrant and colourful. One capsicum sliced into half and stuffed with chickpeas is a perfect portion size for a snack. Season the boiled chana beans with salt, lime, chili and coriander! Fill fresh and crunchy bell pepper with flavourful chana. This dish will work well as a snack or even a starters, that too without the undesirable calories!


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