Healthy Indian Wraps and Rolls

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These glorious wraps are so delicious, that you'll find it extremely difficult to believe that they are low-calorie and nutritious. The USP of these recipes for wraps are the uniqueness of the roti and the generous vegetable filling. The whole cereals, sprouts and hearty amount of vegetables give you a big boost of protein and vitamins that keeps you feeling satiated, nourished and happy!  

4 super yummy wraps

These 4 wraps are wholesome, scrumptious and exceedingly easy to prep. If you’re bored with your usual meal line-up, here’s all the inspiration you need!

  • Moong Chilla: These gorgeous golden-brown traditional moong dal chilla have a light, fluffy texture and make for the yummiest and most gratifying wraps. Soft, satisfying and packed with shredded carrots, cabbage and onions, these healthy wraps will make your taste buds quiver! Take the recipe to the next level by throwing in a dash of date chutney and garlic chili chutney – these will add a whole lot of taste to your recipe and will add to the nutrition quotient too! When lentils and veggies join forces, you absolutely know that the end result is going to be delightful - and sure enough these healthy Indian vegetarian recipes will not let you down! What’s more, when you do not have the time to prepare the chilla, you can use a readymix that can help you get your chilla on the table within minutes. Tata Sampann’s moong dal chilla mix is made of fine quality ingredients, unpolished moong dal and delicious spices, providing you with the very best in a few minutes.
  • Methi Thepla: This whole grain version – whole wheat and besan - that’s fortified with fenugreek leaves and sesame seeds is absolutely perfect! This wrap packs in 12 grams of protein and makes for an ideal meal that will completely fuel you up with the choicest nutrition. It's one of those healthy Indian food recipes that you're going to want to make time and again. Fill the thepla with mint chutney, fresh yogurt, and shredded veggies of your choice! The fantastic combination of yogurt and chickpea flour boosts your protein intake and keeps these decadent-looking wraps low-cal. The sesame seeds, dates, coriander, mint and colorful vegetables add a mega punch of vitamins as well as take the flavor profile to the very next level! These robust, protein-packed wraps are super simple and the add-ons are scrumptious and nutritious.
  • Ragi Paratha: You will absolutely love this paratha made from millets! With a ragi paratha and a ton of veggies, this charming wrap is sure to become your next go-to. The ragi paratha provides you with a truckload of nutrition and is super thin, making it ideal for wrapping up onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots and cabbage. Grill the veggies before adding them and include loads of garlic chutney for a fun, spicy twist! This ragi wrap makes for a very easy and appetizing meal that will get ready in record time. What’s more, thanks to the liberal amount of vegetables and a sprinkling of cheese, you get a huge protein boost that keeps you feeling satiated for a long period of time.
  • Makke ki roti: This one’s an Indian spin on the Mexican tortilla! Made with corn flour and whole wheat, this roti has a distinctive flavor and color and is a very good way to switch things up! It gives you complex carbs and a big hit of belly-filling fibre. Using yogurt and cottage cheese in the wrap brings in an extra dose of protein. Onions, potatoes, sprouted moong, coriander and lime juice work seamlessly in this wrap, taking it to a whole new level of mouth-watering!

Here’s a chance to diversify your meals and amp up on the nutritional quotient. Most importantly, these yummy and fairly unconventional recipes will leave your tummy full and are sure to send your taste buds in to an overdrive!

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