Healthy Chana Snacks For Work From Home Days

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Around late afternoon, most of us crave a hot cup of chai and a snack.Radish This is especially true when we are working from home. Lethargy settles in and all of us need a break from work. It is a perfect time to make quick snack. This will not only give you break from work; it will also ensure that you have something healthy to satisfy those hunger pangs. At such times, having a bowl of soaked chana in the fridge is a boon as you can turn it into many healthy snacks.

Chana or chickpeas have a delicious nutty taste and flavour and a creamy texture that work wonders with most recipes. There are numerous ways to integrate chana into your menu: salads, soups, pattice and kebabs, spreads and as a substitute for flour.

5 reasons you ought to be eating lots of chana


Chickpeas are legumes, belonging to the Fabaceae family. It’ Spanish-derived name is the garbanzo bean. Kabuli chana for us, the legume is exceedingly popular in Indian cuisines. Here are 5 reasons why you should be consuming more of this yummy bean!

    • Packed with quality protein: The garbanzo bean is an excellent source of good quality protein. 100 grams of the legumes provides 19 grams of protein.
    • Battle diabetes effectively: Chana has a low glycaemic index and the insoluble fibre in it gets digested very slowly. Both these factors make sure that there are no oscillations in the blood glucose levels, and consequently helps improve the overall blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
    • Boosts GI health:Chickpeas contain an insoluble fibre that has a pivotal role to play in decreasing inflammation in the colon, perking up digestion, promoting regular bowel movement, and also preventing colorectal cancer.
    • Prevents cardiac disorders : The soluble fibre in the beans help keep blood lipid levels in control; and thereby wards off cholesterol plaques in the arteries, hypertension and heart attacks.
    • Good weight management High fibre chickpeas promote a feeling of satiety and keep you feeling fuller for longer. It makes sure you don’t feel the hunger pangs too often and do not reach out for sugary foods; it’s a blessing for the weight watchers!

Always use unpolished legumes to take in the maximum goodness. Tata Sampann Kabuli Chana is unpolished and retains all its nutritional value. They undergo stringent quality checks and follow scientific methods of processing and packaging.

7 yummy chickpea recipes

Chana can be a great snack when you're craving salty, starchy crisps, but want something substantial and healthier. The garbanzo beans help create complete balance between nutrition and taste; and these recipes guarantee to deliver inspiration for your 3PM cravings, making it a whole lot easier to snack smart! Here are 7 amazing chickpea recipes for you to dive into!

1. Ragda pattice: This popular Maharashtrian snack is extremely delicious! Soft potato tikkis pair fabulously with steaming hot chickpea curry. The lovely colorful array of chutneys along with the vibrant salad makes this snack irresistible! Chatpata and spicy and bursting with a lot of nutrition ragda pattice is a good-for-you treat.

2. Masala chana: Radish An appetizing boiled chana recipe, it promises to fix you with a wholesome afternoon snack. The sweet dahi gives it freshness, while the pickled vegetables give the dish a nice tang! Choosing delicious snacks that are packed with nutrients will fuel you up and keep blood sugar levels steady. A total boost of satiating protein!

3. Chhole bhature: The classic Punjabi superstar, chhole bhature absolutely needs to be on your menu! The beans are cooked in flavourful spices and loads of ginger and garlic and chole masala. Teamed with crispy bhatura, it’s a complete meal. This protein-packed dish makes a healthy after-school meal for kids

4. Chana maddra : This Himachali recipe brings together chickpeas in a blend of curd and fabulous pahadi spices. This dish is a faultless vehicle for wonderful flavors and wholesome nutrition.

5. Chatpata chaat: A fresh idea for your afternoon nibbles! This recipe is a healthy mix of chana, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, pomegranate, sesame, aajwain and zesty spices. A dash of sev, some yogurt and crispy puris and you have the perfect decadent mid-day snack

6. Chickpea baskets: This pretty-looking, innovative, delicious and healthy recipe comprises of chana in canapés topped with sev! Crispy and spicy, this snack is just right for when kids come home from school! Bound to satisfy everyone’s afternoon cravings!

7. Chana sundal: A South Indian style chana snack with coconut gives this dish a distinct individuality of its own. Fragrant, subtly spicy, and low fat this snack is simply divine! The beans are stir-fried with wonderful fragrant spices and mixed with freshly grated coconut. An inviting dish, it has a dry texture and makes it suitable to be served as a snack, entrée or accompaniment.

With countless options to cook with this wonder bean, chana is no more a boring ingredient!


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