Haldi Drinks Done Delicious: Turmeric Health Benefits
Bonny Shah

Bonny Shah
08 August 2020

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

In India, turmeric or haldi has long been used in cooking, Ayurveda, cosmetics and as a colouring agent. Keep reading to know more about the advantages of this super spice and for some interesting ways to incorporate haldi into your daily diet to #SpiceUpYourHealth.

The Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric Tea Benefits

Turmeric contains a number of beneficial bioactive compounds like the flavonoid curcumin, which has been shown to be especially useful. We know that chronic inflammation has been linked to degenerative conditions such as cancer, arthritis and heart disease. Its potent anti-inflammatory effects at the molecular level are just one of the ways through which curcumin benefits health. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and has excellent free radical scavenging properties. It has also been shown to aid cognition and provide antidepressant benefits.

Now that you know how haldi benefits good health, here are a few haldi-based recipes for you to try.

Turmeric Latte
Made with turmeric powder, haldi milk or turmeric latte helps ease colds and congestion, but it is also a healthy drink to include in your daily menu. As haldi powder is fat soluble, using whole milk will allow you to make the most of haldi’s benefits. In a saucepan, add 2 cups milk, 1 tsp Tata Sampann Turmeric Powder and allow this to boil and simmer on low flame for a while. Next, add ½ tsp ginger powder, ½ tsp cinnamon powder, 4-5 peppercorns, and whisk. Allow this to come to a rolling boil and stir in 1 tsp honey. Strain and serve warm.

While pepper helps in absorption of curcumin, the antioxidants in cinnamon have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help lower your overall risk of disease.

Watch this video to learn the perfect turmeric latte technique.

Turmeric Tea
This beverage is another great way to incorporate this healthy spice into your diet. To prepare the tea, bring 3 cups of water to a boil and add in 3-4 slices of lemon. Stir in 1 tsp Tata Sampann Turmeric Powder, add 2 cinnamon sticks, ½ tsp ginger powder, ½ tsp black pepper powder and stir well. The ginger not only adds flavour, but also imparts antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Black pepper enhances the turmeric tea benefits as it contains piperine. While lemons add vitamin C which is an antioxidant that can help helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. Lemon is also known to help fight common cold

Allow this mixture to boil on low flame for a few minutes. Strain and serve. You could add a bit of honey if you like, and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Check out the turmeric tea recipe here.

Turmeric Smoothie
This smoothie is sure to become your family’s new favourite, and what’s more, it’s incredibly easy to make. In a blender, put together ½ cup frozen banana slices, ½ cup pineapple cubes, 1 cup milk, 1 tsp Tata Sampann Turmeric Powder, ¼ tsp ginger powder, ¼ tsp cinnamon powder and 2 tsp honey. Blend until smooth and your yummy anti-inflammatory smoothie is ready. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and serve chilled.

Here’s how to make this healthy tropical smoothie.

Whatever the recipe, remember to choose only the best ingredients. Try Tata Sampann Turmeric Powder. It is made from carefully selected whole spices and contains no added colours or preservatives. What’s more, it offers a high curcumin content of 3%, which is more than regular haldi powder. It is also packaged for freshness, so all the natural turmeric benefits remain intact.


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