Give your tastebuds a treat with low-calorie sweetener dishes 
bonny shah

Bonny Shah
31 March 2020

This article is authored by Bonny Shah. Bonny is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Do your taste buds have a special place for sugar? But your health stops you from consuming something sweet? If this sounds familiar, then we have a solution for you. Gone are the days when giving up with harmful sugar was definitely worth the effort!

Fortunately, today there are natural sweeteners that can be used for satisfying your sweet tooth. Just add these to your dishes without compromising on taste. Let’s have a look at some of the dishes that you can try with a low-calorie, natural sweetener such as stevia.

Low Calorie Sweetener

1. Gajar Halwa:

Winters are the best time to relish this mouth-watering halwa. Steam the carrots in a steamer or pressure cooker as it will reduce the amount of ghee needed while cooking. Also, you can replace khoya with milk powder to cut down the calories, if you wish, while keeping the taste intact. You could always add to use a pinch of the stevia-based Tata Nx Zero Sugar instead of sugar as it is a great natural zero-calorie alternative to sugar. It is also a lot sweeter than sugar so be mindful of how much you are adding, and taste as you go along. Stevia has a lower glycaemic index than table sugar, which helps reduce blood sugar levels, aids in weight loss and is home to a host of benefits. It can be a healthy way to reduce your calorie and added sugar intake.

2. Cinnamon Coconut Sugar Pancake:

Pancakes have always taken a centrestage on the breakfast table. But like many delicious food dishes, pancakes are accompanied with high calories. To make it a healthier affair, you can use coconut sugar, one of the low-calorie sweetener substitute instead of regular sugar as it has a glycemic index (GI) of 54 as compared to regular sugar which has a GI of 65. Coconut sugar also contains small amounts of minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Serve it with maple syrup and enjoy the delicious taste.

Indian Dishes

3. Oats Apple Phirni:

Does Phirni bring back sweet childhood memories? But your low-cal regime stops you from relish these childhood memories?? Then try this Crushed Oats and Apple Phirni with a low quantity of sugar substitute accompanied with low-fat milk. You can use Tata Nx Zero Sugar, which is made from stevia herb, and is a good fit for people who have been medically advised to avoid sugar.

4.Ragi Sheera:

Since Ragi sheera has milk, fat and fruit sweetener, it is a healthy option for babies as well as adults. To keep the taste intact, try using honey as it is slightly better than regular sugar, but you should remember to still use it sparingly. Try this little twist and give your kiddos a healthy smile.

Though with these tips you can infuse healthy eating habits without tricking your taste buds, but make sure that too much of anything can be harmful to your body and may lead to many illnesses. So, focus on the right balance of sugar intake while adopting a low-calorie sweetener in your daily diet.

Do you have any secret and innovative substitute for sugar? If yes, then share your idea in the comment below.


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